La Roche Posay Uvidea XL BB Melt-in Cream Review

La Roche Posay Uvidea XL BB Melt-in Cream2015-10-07 19.21.08

Price: HKD280 (Watsons)
Volume: 30ml
Shade: 01
SPF: 50P++++ UVA
Made In France

Amongst some of my recent discoveries, this was surprising. Fragrance-free and made for sensitive skin, this BB cream melts right into your natural skin tone for a nice even complexion and healthy-looking skin; it’s key aims are to prevent premature skin aging issues such as age spots and wrinkles, and of course to hydrate skin. It was surprising for me as I thought that the BB cream with such a high SPF would be too sticky/tacky for my tastes and the fact that there are only two shades available made me think that it might not work for me. The colour tone worked out great for me (NC 20-25) as most Korean BB creams tend to give me a whiteish or greyish cast.

In terms of the packaging, I really like how the BB melt-in cream is in a squeeze tube and the product dispensed through a very small funnel tip which is great in terms of hygiene and appropriating the right amount every time 🙂 I would suggest to start of with dotting the BB cream onto your face and smoothing it out before deciding whether you need more of the product as with this one, a little bit seriously goes a long way. This is not one of those products where it’s better if you applied more; it will feel tacky when you apply too much of it as I’ve made that mistake and I think it’s because of the SPF that makes the product better if you simply used thin layers here.

2015-10-07 19.22.50Upon squirting out a small amount onto the back of my hand, the BB cream has a very smooth consistency but I do feel that it’s ever so slightly thicker because of the SPF: think of blending a blob of sunblock and your favourite foundation together and you’ll have an idea of the texture. This means it blends and buffs into skin very well. Although the BB cream doesn’t dry to a matte finish, it certainly does sink into the skin without leaving an oily feeling behind; it actually leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. The hydration was actually a very noticeable feature, even once blended. This is perfect for my combination-dry skin but I can see how this might be a tad too dewy for ladies with slightly oilier skin; you’ll definitely need a light dust of powder on top to set it.

Once fully blended, it is hard to detect on the skin, but does offer just the right touch of coverage to even out your skin tone. It does have a light coverage though, so I would recommend only for light day-time wear, and not to cover up bad blemishes. If you want a more perfect coverage, you can use the BB cream as a makeup base and then add a thin layer of your favourite foundation and concealer wherever you might need it; the results are amazing 😀

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