BB Cushion Round-up!

BB Cushion Round-up! After a royally bad sun rash from my trip during the summer, I’ve been hiding out for the past month and a half; I’ve had to do a major overhaul in both my skincare and makeup arsenal to accommodate my super red, dry-flaky and sensitive skin 😦 On the makeup front, I’ve … Continue reading BB Cushion Round-up!

Skin Care Challenge: Sheet Masks Twice A Day?

Skin Care Challenge: Sheet Masks Twice A Day? In the spirit of science and improving my current skin condition (read: combination-dry, sensitive, dark acne scars that take forever to go away), I started out on a new skin care challenge: putting on (hydrating) sheet masks twice a day, especially with one in the morning before … Continue reading Skin Care Challenge: Sheet Masks Twice A Day?

Loose powder: translucent or tinted?

Loose powder: translucent or tinted? One of the most common ways to set one’s slaaaaaayin’ base makeup (i.e. makeup base/primer, sunscreen, liquid/cream foundation or BB cream, concealer) and all sorts of (liquid) highlighting/contouring magic is to use a light dusting of loose powder. Dusting powder on top your base makeup helps to set it so … Continue reading Loose powder: translucent or tinted?

Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care ‘Tis the season to be watchful of any sudden changes to your skin and hair as the lower humidity, moisture levels and colder temperatures can wreak havoc on you, physically and emotionally. In the next upcoming posts, I will be covering the series of products that I have started using and used … Continue reading Winter Skin Care

Dust bunnies…

Wow. The first two weeks of work went by SO quickly. Newbie in a new environment and leadership position = the need to get on top of shit just exponentially skyrocketed so I don't look stupid in front of the other people during department meetings when it's your turn to report on stats. By the time I … Continue reading Dust bunnies…