BB Cushion Round-up!

BB Cushion Round-up! After a royally bad sun rash from my trip during the summer, I’ve been hiding out for the past month and a half; I’ve had to do a major overhaul in both my skincare and makeup arsenal to accommodate my super red, dry-flaky and sensitive skin 😦 On the makeup front, I’ve … Continue reading BB Cushion Round-up!

Groupon Find: Missha x Line Friends

I'm a HUGE Line Friends fan and oh my word. I saw this on Groupon and...well, let's just say that the pretties are at home with me now 😀 From Left To Right: Brown - Microbubble Cleansing Foam (Lotus Seed) Sally - Microbubble Cleansing Foam (Green Tea Seed) Brown - Eye Color Studio Mini (Brown) … Continue reading Groupon Find: Missha x Line Friends