JayJun Cosmetics BabyPure Shining Mask Review

JayJun Cosmetics BabyPure Shining Mask

Price: HKD118 (Groupon) | HKD224 (RRP)image
Sheets per pack: 10

As part of my Korean skincare haul from Groupon, the JayJun Cosmetics facial mask series are meant to be a two- or three-step mask, where each packet includes the respective set for their intended purpose. For starters, I tried this mask first before the other two, Refine to Shine Real Water Brightening Mask and the Skin Fit Collagen Aqua Brightening Mask.

As noted earlier, the packaging itself was interesting all on its own as the mask in this series included an Essence (Step 1), Mask (Step 2) and Eye Cream (Step 3). Since I have sensitive skin, I decided to do a little digging first to see what I could find about this mask and the entire series:

Step 1: 1.5ml Essence

  • Concentrated supplement and nicotinamide adenosine improves skin elasticity
  • Contains ginseng extract and vitamins

Step 2: 25ml mask

  • Moisturises and soothes skin

Step 3: 1.5ml eye cream

  • Maintains moisture around eye area

Aside from this generic translation from the box itself, frankly, there wasn’t much about this mask and JayJun Cosmetics in general, other than it’s a top Korean plastic surgery company and that their masks are designed for patients in post-surgery recovery; as such, I gather that they have the hypoallergenic and sensitivity areas down pat.

imageOnto the mask itself then 😀

One is expected to wash and tone their face prior to doing Step 1 and onwards, and so I did exactly that 😀 When I put on the essence, I could smell the light herby, ginseng scent that was noted earlier and although it dissipated very quickly, it’s something to take note of if you’re not a big fan of that kind of scent — or scents in general. Next, the structure of the mask itself was a thin cotton-gel/silicon hybrid where it was too thin to be just purely cotton and too much of a fibre feel to it for it to be a full-on gel or plastic-y silicon item — I’m not quite sure how I feel about this texture. Since the mask is thin, it easily molded to my face but I was disappointed at how large the eyes and mouth holes were cut — they were ginormous. It’s not exactly the best fit; in fact, for the excellent hydrating effect that this mask delivered, the cut and fit of the mask was a major con for this product.

Aside from the cut and fit, the mask itself was excellent! My skin did not react adversely to it and it looked and felt plump, hydrated and smooth afterwards 🙂 Finally, the eye cream that came with the mask was in a generous quantity — I had enough for my FACE. 😀 Therefore, instead of using it for my eyes, I used it for my face instead and it worked out beautifully, in particular during the day as the eye cream is really good as a lightweight moisturizer prior to my makeup for this hot and sticky summer 😀

All in all, I actually would repurchase this mask solely for the fact that it’s a wonderful three-step mask that would eliminate my need for extra products in the morning and in particular, if I were to bring this mask for my trips, I would definitely save extra space in my makeup kit ❤


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