JayJun Cosmetics Refine To Shine Real Water Brightening Mask Review

JayJun Cosmetics Refine To Shine Real Water Brightening Mask

Price: HKD99 (Groupon; Early Bird) | HKD198 (RRP)
Sheets per box: 10

Continuing with my Groupon imagehaul with the JayJun Cosmetics face masks series, this particular mask is a three-step mask, where each packet includes the respective set for their intended purpose. For starters, I tried the BabyPure Shining Mask prior to trying this Refine to Shine Real Water Brightening Mask and the Skin Fit Collagen Aqua Brightening Mask.

As noted earlier, the packaging itself was interesting all on its own as the mask in this series included a Cleansing Foam (Step 1), JayJun Vita Snow Essence (Step 2) and Face Mask (Step 3). Since I have sensitive skin, I decided to do a little digging first to see what I could find about this particular mask:

  • Niacinamide – helps brighten skin tone.
  • Ceramide – great for their water-retention capacity as well as for barrier repair and cell regulation. Adding ceramides to skincare products can help restore the skin’s barrier.
  • Adenosine –  helps with skin elasticity and has anti-aging properties.

Aside from this generic translation from the box itself, frankly, there wasn’t much about this mask and JayJun Cosmetics in general, other than it’s a top Korean plastic surgery company and that their masks are designed for patients in post-surgery recovery; as such, I gather that they have the hypoallergenic and sensitivity areas down pat.

Moving onto the mask itself, one is expected to wash their face with the Cleansing Foam, tone their face with their (preferably alcohol-free) toner of choice prior to applying the JayJun Vita Snow Essence (Step 2) and of course, the Face Mask (Step 3) itself, so I did exactly that 😀 First, the Cleansing Foam did what it was supposed to do without drying out my skin or offending my nose — it does have a bit of a fragrance that dissipates very quickly but my skin didn’t react to it so I’m (still) thanking my lucky stars 😀 Surprisingly, when I put on the essence, I couldn’t really detect any fragrance, nor did my skin react to it so again, the stars were aligned for me when I was trying out the mask 😀 Finally, for the pièce de résistance, when I took the mask out of the packet, I was definitely in for a surprise.

The structure of the mask itself it’s different from the BabyPure Shining Mask in that it’s a much better cut, fit and thickness; this is not to mention that it’s not of the traditional white cotton colour, but instead it’s a pure black coloured cotton mask. It was definitely an unconventional colour as I’d initially thought that the manufacturers had dunked it in a black dye, but it had no bearing on its effectiveness at all 😀 Comparatively speaking, I like this mask much more than the BabyPure on solely based on the fit and cut of the mask; the hydration levels were very much comparable for my skin conditions: equally excellent for their price ranges 😀

I tried this mask on several different occasions, all of which included dry, patchy skin as well as redness, and this mask dealt with all of those problems as well as providing my skin with an extra boost of hydration ❤ I popped this on for a good 20 minutes prior to peeling it off and then proceeding with my usual skincare, and good Lord, my skin was glowy, healthy and hydrated ❤

If I were to choose between the BabyPure and this one — haven’t tried the Skin Fit Collagen Aqua Brightening Mask yet so I’ll get on with that STAT — I would probably repurchase the latter more so than the former mainly because I liked the fit of the Water Brightening mask on my face more, and I can see how I could bring a couple packets of this mask with me on trips and I would be able to get away with not having to bring a cleanser and/or one less serum 😀 Definitely a great skincare item to bring along on trips 😀



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