Fancl Whitening Essence Review

Fancl Whitening Essence Price: HKD335 Volume: 18ml Continuing with my Fancl haul, the Whitening Essence in the Perfect Whitening Kit is the pièce de résistance as it is recommended to use this product prior to putting on the Whitening sheet mask, and then one would follow up with the Overnight Brightening Mask; in addition, the … Continue reading Fancl Whitening Essence Review

Fancl Whitening Mask Review

Fancl Whitening Mask Price: HKD340/6 sheets MADE IN JAPAN Continuing with my Fancl haul, I tried out the whitening mask along with the essence to see if it can do (any) wonders for my currently acne-scarred face. I’ve fallen in love with Fancl products as they are created with only essential ingredients beneficial to our … Continue reading Fancl Whitening Mask Review

Fancl Skin Renewal Pack Review

Fancl Skin Renewal Pack Price: HKD210 Volume: 40g Fancl is a relatively new company on my docket as although I’ve definitely heard of the brand and seen the products while passing by in the mall and so on and so forth, it never really occurred to me to try it out real reason, really. I … Continue reading Fancl Skin Renewal Pack Review