La Mer Series <3

I've been insanely busy for the past couple of months and my little spot on the Internet space has been collecting dust 😦 However, I'm back for now with a new update on my current skincare 🙂 Let's start off with my favourites! La Mer Treatment Lotion Price: HKD1050 Volume: 150ml Similar to the Estée Lauder Micro Essence, … Continue reading La Mer Series ❤

La Mer Cleansing Foam Review

La Mer Cleansing Foam Price: HKD599 (Groupon) | HKD900 (RRP) Volume: 125ml Continuing with my previous Groupon find, the La Mer Cleansing Foam was another La Mer product that I managed to get my little hands on at 33% off ❤ Seeing as I quite liked the gel cleanser despite the rather strong but inoffensive scent, I had … Continue reading La Mer Cleansing Foam Review

La Mer Cleansing Gel Review

La Mer Cleansing Gel Price: HKD599 (Groupon) | HKD900 (RRP) Volume: 200ml YAAAAAAAS. Yay for Groupon! I saved 33% on this purchase and I’ve always wanted to try out La Mer’s cleansing products but daaaaaaaamn. Since its original retail price is pretty steep, I’ve been reluctant to buy a pricey gel cleanser for the sake … Continue reading La Mer Cleansing Gel Review