Diorsnow White Reveal Perfecting Makeup Base Review

Diorsnow White Reveal Perfecting Makeup Base

Price: HKD 368 (Sasa) | HKD400 (RRP)
Shade/Type: Rose
SPF: 35image

Hands down, I love this makeup base for the summer.

I picked this up along with the Diorskin Nude foundation from Sasa because a) they were on sale and b) as a member, I get an additional 5% discount off the sale price and c) I got to redeem my cash dollars….so YAAAAAAS. I saved QUITE a bit on these two items 😀

Onto the base itself, I bought it in the hopes of brightening up my Diorskin Forever foundation as I’d gotten the 020 and frankly, it oxidizes just a titch too much on my skin for my liking; it comes in the Blue shade as well as a beige shade but I wanted a healthier, slightly rosier tone in addition to the brightening effect rather than the all-brightening/whitening effect that the Blue shade one would bring, or the beige one for correcting yellow tones for that matter, hence I got the Rose one instead 🙂 Housed in a small plastic bottle with a twist cap, one would need to shake it up well before squeezing out a small amount for use. This color-correcting base is a light pink colour and its lightweight, liquid-like texture applies easily and absorbed well without leaving a greasy touch. In addition, I love how the formula also allows for a solid SPF 35 so it’s an extra layer of sun protection on top of one’s regular sun care products 🙂 I’ve used this base with my Dior foundations (Forever, Star and Nude), Estée Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation as well as my Revlon Colorstay and I’ve had excellent success with all of them ❤

As a side note, I personally would choose to use this product over my Bobbi Brown CC cream during the summer as I find that although both are fantastic products that allow my skin to look healthy and rosy while providing the same level of SPF protection, the Bobbi Brown one does leave me a little shinier during the summer, whereas the Dior one does not; I have yet to try this Dior one during the winter months/in a drier, colder climate as at the time of writing, to add to the mugginess of it all we’re also reaching temperatures of 35 degrees celcius here in Hong Kong; as such, I need a product that provides the right amount of hydration for my combination-dry skin without amping up any more moisturization as I already have a face cream for that. As such, for now, the Bobbi Brown one is fantastic for the drier and colder months/climates.

All in all, this was a fantastic find at Sasa and I’m definitely repurchasing a bottle when I run out of it for this summer 😀

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