Estée Lauder Double Wear Pressed Foundation Compact Review

Estée Lauder Double Wear Pressed Foundation Compactimage

Price: HKD90 (Case) | HKD380 (Refill)
Shade: 2C0 Cool Vanilla

Continuing with my Double Wear series, I also picked up the pressed foundation compact for on-the-go touch ups and then some 🙂

Being of the rectangular, plastic dark blue case variety with a simple “Estée Lauder” imprinted on it, the case and the refill for that matter, is nothing to write home about. The magic is in the formula of the scent-free pressed foundation; normally, I find that pressed compacts/powders/foundations from Western brands tend to be less hydrating/moisturizing than their Japanese or Korean counterparts. With this in mind, this is not to say that their product is inferior to the latter, but this is more about how the product feels on skin, and more specifically, my combination-dry and sensitive skin that is prone to flaking whenever it damn well feels like 😦 As such, finding the right pressed foundation compact is a challenge for me as I noticed that when I try to do some touch ups on my nose or wherever I feel like needs a bit of coverage, the powder just sort of sits on top of my skin as opposed to blending in seamlessly with my skin; it’s not a matter of it being the wrong shade — it’s not — it’s the formula because it’s just not hydrating enough to merge with my skin 😦

Onto the Double Wear itself, I shade matched on bare skin in good lighting and I confirmed that 2C0 is absolutely the right shade for me prior to getting the liquid and pressed foundations. Although the Double Wear pressed foundation isn’t damp to the touch — as is a common texture for pressed powder foundations and compacts that have hyaluronic acid and/or oils added to it — the effect that it has when I powder this on my face midday is of seamless perfection. Any areas that need mattifying are wonderfully done so and if and when I use a foundation that is more prone to lose its coverage over time, a quick pat with this powder foundation reclaims the coverage without looking out of place or patchy-dry. In addition, I also went the minimal makeup route and used this powder over just my primer, and I feel that the coverage is buildable and excellent for girls who want a more flexible make up look where they can go from casual to glam depending on how heavy of a hand they go with this pressed powder 🙂

Although at the time of writing, it’s summer here in the 852 and given the weather and humid climate here, my skin seems to be happy with this product. I’m waiting to give this a go during the winter and in a drier environment to see if it holds up to its hydrating effects or if I’ll need to go look for another one that has oils added to the formula for extra hydrating and moisturizing effects 🙂 All in all, I’m most definitely picking up a refill when I run out ❤   

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