Skin Care Challenge: Sheet Masks Twice A Day?

Skin Care Challenge: Sheet Masks Twice A Day?

In the spirit of science and improving my current skin condition (read: combination-dry, sensitive, dark acne scars that take forever to go away), I started out on a new skin care challenge: putting on (hydrating) sheet masks twice a day, especially with one in the morning before my makeup. My skin is going through a phase where it doesn’t matter how light of a hand I have with my loose powder or whether I add a drop of serum to my foundation, my makeup and complexion in this case, looked dry, powdery and aged. 😦 As in, my makeup would look the same in the evening as it did in the morning, albeit looking dry and unflattering. To add insult to injury, my breakouts and subsequent acne scars didn’t do my complexion any favours either. As such, starting in May, I put on a hydrating mask twice a day (paper masks in the morning and a paper/rinse-off mask in the evening); I popped off to Watsons/Mannings and loaded up on the following sheet masks to offset the actual cost of using sheet masks…every day LOL 😀

For the most part, I used these in the morning as they are more focused on hydration and it’s quick and easy to pop on and peel off without rinsing afterwards:

In the evening, I tended to use slightly more luxurious/targeted treatment masks:

It seemed like my skin needed the first 3-4 days to adjust to the sudden burst of hydration from topical products and I had two minor breakouts that quickly subsided by day three without me putting on any anti-acne gel; my skin felt and looked way more supple and bouncy and it definitely felt like I was sporting a healthier dewy look as the days went on. Honestly though, despite the healthier look, the first three days left my skin looking a little too shiny, even for my tastes, because it felt as if the product was sitting on my skin and not being absorbed well enough; this could be because my skin was not used to getting so much hydration (FYI, depending on my schedule, I used to do the once-a-week hydration + cleansing mask routine; in fact, sometimes I can go for weeks without masking up.)

As such, after this experiment I can conclude that when I mask up:

In the morning: My makeup blended better with my skin; I experienced no further breakouts; existing acne scars started shedding slightly faster and looked less darker than what it did before; makeup looked dewy

In the evening: burst of water in the evening for my skin as it was like a pampering session overnight; I woke up with nice dewy skin that was not greasy to the touch.

All in all, I think I’m going to keep up with this experiment and sacrifice an extra 10 minutes of my time in the morning to pamper my skin…so that I can end up using less makeup to fake a healthy look, because I’m already taking a big productive step towards that 😀


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