Fancl Whitening Mask Review

Fancl Whitening Maskimage

Price: HKD340/6 sheets

Continuing with my Fancl haul, I tried out the whitening mask along with the essence to see if it can do (any) wonders for my currently acne-scarred face. I’ve fallen in love with Fancl products as they are created with only essential ingredients beneficial to our skin and are free of additives like fragrance, alcohol, petroleum surfactants, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial colors. The brand also places a lot of emphasis on their products being gentle and safe and thus the reason why many of their products are deliberately packaged in small bottles as it would be enough for a 30-day supply to ensure freshness and all bottles come with fully sealed caps to be removed before use. Best of all, all skincare packages bear a manufacturing date, providing total transparency for consumers.

Right off the bat, I’ll say that with the mask, the whitening aspect has yet to be observed as I feel that this would be more of an ongoing process and product to use to achieve (any kind of) whitening/lightening effect for scars. What I did like about this mask was how surprisingly hydrating this was when I used it on its own and on top of the essence (recommended method).

In terms of its individual packets, the packaging is nothing to write home about but the fit was quite good; I found it relatively easy to put on and peel off the mask without ripping the contour edges. Given that it’s a whitening/brightening mask, I didn’t feel that it had much extra essence in the pack for me to squeeze out after I’d taken the mask out; this is purely a preference aspect as I really loved how much extra essence I had with the Mandom Beauty ones 🙂 With this in mind, I don’t think that its lack of extra essence affected the mask’s hydrating properties in this respect; I just prefer to have the extra essence for my jawline and neck 🙂

Post-mask, I liked the smooth, hydrating feeling afterwards as with a whitening/brightening mask, I’d actually expected it to be less hydrating than the masks that are supposedly made for that purpose alone, so this was pleasantly surprising 🙂 My skin looked slightly brighter, and frankly, I looked more awake and refreshed than before the mask 🙂 In addition, although this is a whitening/brightening mask and I tend to be sensitive to products that have those properties, my skin did not feel irritated or itchy after using the masks both with and without the essence 🙂

All in all, I’ll decide whether I will repurchase this mask after I have finished using the essence so I can see whether it has helped out with my scars. I will say though, if you’ve got super sensitive skin and you have acne scarring issues, you can give this delightful brand a shot ❤

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