Fancl Skin Renewal Pack Review

Fancl Skin Renewal Packimage

Price: HKD210
Volume: 40g

Fancl is a relatively new company on my docket as although I’ve definitely heard of the brand and seen the products while passing by in the mall and so on and so forth, it never really occurred to me to try it out for…no real reason, really. I just haven’t.

However, I’ve recently been riddled with a case of hormones + crap sleep + a steady diet of coffee because of work and now I’m just positively glowing with post-acne scars and dull skin.

Whoo. I’m a sight to behold at the moment.

In the midst of my trudging around the mall, I walked into a Fancl store and after trying out their products on my hand and actually reading the pamphlets and googling products as I went along, I was sold. 😀

The best part of my research was finding out that all of Fancl products are created with only essential ingredients beneficial to our skin and are free of additives like fragrance, alcohol, petroleum surfactants, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial colors. The brand also places a lot of emphasis on their products being gentle and safe and thus the reason why many of their products are deliberately packaged in small bottles as it would be enough for a 30-day supply to ensure freshness and all bottles come with fully sealed caps to be removed before use. Best of all, all skincare packages bear a manufacturing date, providing total transparency to consumers.

I already have so much love for this. ❤ I bought the Skin Renewal Mask as well as a Perfect Whitening Kit in a bid to banish my acne scars that have cropped up as a result of hormones and just…not getting enough sleep 😦

Housed in a plastic squeeze tube with a screw top cap, aside from a specially-engineered way of removing the inner plastic cap and then screwing the outer grey cap back on to magically and hygienically puncture the tip of the tube, the tube itself is nothing much to write home about. The product is of a scent-free smooth gel texture that goes on smooth and is seemingly mild enough for me to use it on for five minutes every day, as it is recommended for customers to do so.

I’d like to note here that if one were to follow the actual instructions to use a 500yen (approximately an American dollar) size amount for the face once every day, the tube itself would probably last around 10 days. It’s rather pricey for such a small tube! I went back to the store the next day to ask the Fancl girls about this particular aspect and wondering if I was misunderstanding their product’s instructions; they noted that indeed I’m supposed to use it daily and although the small tube only lasts about 10 days or so, they actually have customers repurchasing their products in bulk (i.e. sets of 3) for a more discounted price…and I thought they were a bit humble-bragging at this point LOL

However, by now I’m starting to see why.

After three to fours days of diligently using this mask every evening post cleansing as noted in their instructions, I noticed that my foundation went on and looked much smoother than usual; the stubborn white and blackheads I had on the area around my nose and the spots right around my nose bridge and nostrils themselves? Gone. The area is smooth and clean. I kid you not; I used zero tugging and scrubbing to get those pesky bumps out of my pores that have been there…for ages. These are the small spots that don’t seem to do much other than look obnoxiously back at you if you zoomed in close enough in a mirror to look at them. I  like how this cleansing/skin renewal mask did a bang up job of clearing out my pores and brightening my complexion without burning it to a crisp with harsh chemicals — something that this company is famous for NOT having in their products — or drying it out so badly with rough beads or scrubs.

I’m on the wagon back for a second tube ❤ If you’re like me and you have sensitive skin that needs a bit more TLC without the harsh chemicals or dehydrating beads and scrubs, look no further than Fancl 🙂

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