Mandom Beauty: Barrier Repair Facial Mask HA (Super Moist) Review

Mandom Beauty: Barrier Repair Facial Mask HA (Super Moist) Reviewimage

Price: HKD69
Sheets Per Box: 5

Continuing with my Mandom Beauty face mask bend, I also picked up the Super Moist version of the Barrier Repair line just to see if my skin would be just as happy with it as the Hyaluronic Acid one, and it certainly didn’t disappoint 😀

With the iconic chubby baby as the product’s main image, the face masks are easily spotted in my local drugstore — Mannings and Watsons — and there’s almost always a promotion going on for them 🙂 In regards to the packaging, one gets five face masks per pack and they are in individual sachets. The design of the face mask leaves much to be desired as it tore quite easily and I had to position the mask for a bit seeing as the bits around the chin were detached and it bunched up instead of laying flat on my skin; this is in comparison to other sheet masks that are well-cut, shaped and perfectly envelope one’s face without ripping or bunching up.

In terms of the product itself, each sachet boasts an awesome 27ml of essence for each face mask and I personally like putting one of these on in the morning for an extra boost of hydration before I carry on with my regular skincare and makeup routine. I put it on for about 10 to 15 minutes after cleansing my face, and when the time was up, I peeled it off and massaged the remaining essence into my face and neck to make sure that all of the essence went to good use, followed by my regular skincare routine. 😀 Formulated without parabens and fragrance, my skin felt very nicely hydrated after using this mask and I feel that I could use this in the evening when the weather isn’t as dry; however, I would use something even more intensive during the colder and drier months as my skin simply needs more hydration than usual. As such, I would say that for my purposes, this is a great and inexpensive mask to alternate with my more expensive sheet masks, and as an all-season mask to use when I don’t have any major issues with my skin ❤  

All in all, I would repurchase Mandom Beauty face masks but perhaps I’ll opt for the Super Moist simply because it suits my particular skin condition better 😀


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