Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation Review

Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation

Price: HKD168 (Groupon) | HKD268 (RRP) | Find the closest store here!
Volume: 30g
SPF: 30
Shade: 207 | 208

Seeing as I’m constantly image
on the quest to find long-lasting, waterproof and pigmented concealer that is creamy and non-creasing, I find that this is all a very tall order and potentially impossible.

Well, this time I think I found a product that is damn close to hitting all of those requirements 😀

Sourced from Groupon ❤️, Dermacol is not a brand that I’m familiar with and after googling for swatches and colour matches, I discovered that this was a legendary makeup brand well-known in the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe; the Make-Up Cover itself has been used by makeup artists and film schools as it is the number one high coverage concealer in Europe because it covers up without looking caked up. I have to say, this is my ride-or-die concealer that I can pack with my Benefit ones on a trip or even use as a foundation 😀

Housed in a bronze, metal-foil tube, the product is easily dispensed and I must stress the fact that less is most definitely more when using this on a regular basis. Hailed as waterproof and containing 50% pigment, this means that one only needs a dab; just a dab of this concealer is enough to completely conceal spots and scars. In terms of its texture and consistency, the concealer is creamy and easy to apply and blend out with both brushes and fingers; I kid you not, I squeezed out a little less than half a pea size for my entire face and went to town with a concealer brush after putting on my foundation; I used the brush to swatch on the concealer before patting it to blend it with the rest of my foundation. After blending it out, the concealer stays “wet” on my face as opposed to drying to a powdery finish, yet it didn’t budge or smear off as I was dusting on my loose powder.

This was awesome, people. The coverage lasted the whole day without budging, smearing or disappearing 😀

The coverage is amazing for freckles, sunspots, acne scars 😀 I was able to achieve an airbrushed finish with very little product and the best part is that not only is it waterproof, it stayed put throughout the entire day; my makeup looked exactly the same in the afternoon after a long work day as it did when I applied it in the morning. Given that we’re in spring/summer mode in Hong Kong, I feel that this concealer would be great for most of the seasons here; however, I’m curious to see how well this product would hold up in hot and humid weather when we’re right in the dead of summer 😀 For drier climates, I feel that it’s creamy and hydrating enough to use on well-primed and prepped skin; even when I used this on a dry, flaky acne scar, the concealer was able to smooth and conceal the scar without enhancing its flakiness and in fact, it helped blend it in with the rest of my face and it virtually disappeared 😀 In addition, when I spot-applied this concealer as a quick-fix touch up because my foundation looked a tad too patchy at the end of a long day, I loved how creamy and seamlessly this went on my face and my makeup immediately looked fresh and perfect. I will now just keep a backup tube in my makeup bag/at the office because…it’s great for dehydrated/dry skin like mine where anything less than creamy would just sit on my face/look all flaky and gross. ❤

I would like to note here that this makeup cover is great for pale-skinned ladies who’ve had problems in finding a shade that’s light enough for them; on the same note, I think darker-skinned ladies might not be too enthused as this is their shade selection:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.54.55 am.png

Courtesy of the Dermacol website 😀 For reference, the first shade on the top left row is #207 and the one next to it is #208 🙂

Seeing as I already have the 207 — for reference, I’m an NC15-20 — I’m also interested in getting the 208 and see how it works as an undereye concealer; if not, I can always use it as a foundation highlighter of sorts 🙂  

I would most definitely recommend this product for those of you who struggle with acne scarring and possibly, up for covering tattoos because this product can absolutely do the trick 😀 For the price that it’s set at and the fact that you only need very, very little product to achieve a full coverage effect, this product can last for quite a while 🙂 As a final note, since this is a waterproof, high coverage concealer/foundation, it would be good to employ a heavy duty makeup remover or a deep cleansing tool to make sure that all trace makeup has been removed to keep your skin happy and healthy ❤  


SO. I got the 208 and yaaaaaaaaaaas. It’s excellent as an undereye concealer/brightener! First, I covered my dark circles with a salmon/pink-toned corrector — in my case, I used my Benefit Erase Paste but really, any nice creamy pink-toned corrector that you have in your arsenal will do — and  with a concealer brush, I swiped on  a smidgen of the 208 onto my undereye area on top of the corrector and then patted it out and blended it in with my ring finger;  I finished with a light dusting of loose powder overall just to hold everything in place.


Undereye coverage that lasts all day. ALL DAY. No creasing, no smudging, and no disappearing.

You’re welcome. 😀



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