Deep Cleansing: Clarisonic Plus

Deep Cleansing: Clarisonic Plusimage

I recently raided Mama Cappuccino’s cabinet for her Clarisonic Plus as she didn’t seem to quite like it and it was just…sitting there and collecting dust.

I might as well put it to good use 😀

Having affixed it with the delicate brush head for my sensitive and dry skin, I set to work on doing the second part of my double cleansing after removing my makeup with a cleansing oil; I used both a foaming and gel cleanser on separate occasions and both worked just fine with my skin. After giving my face a good and detailed brush with the Clarisonic, my skin looked radiant, felt squeaky clean and my skin care products definitely absorbed much better than before using the Clarisonic. Perhaps a better way of putting it would be that I didn’t feel or think that my skin had better potential with absorbing skincare products until I used the Clarisonic and now I’m just thinking myself, “why didn’t I get you sooner?!”

You can do with muslin cloths; you can even do with a face cloth. However, I like how the Clarisonic — when you use the right brush head for your skin — takes away the tugging and yanking that is inevitable with a manual cloth cleansing routine; the oscillating motion is even and consistent across your face so you never really feel like you’re…scraping something off your face. Maybe I’m just not doing it right with the cloth cleansing, but I’m pretty sure I’m ditching the cloth and sticking with the Clarisonic ❤

Groupon HK put up a promotion where you can get a set of four brush heads for HKD89 (RRP HKD199) — of which I just got a pack of the delicate brush heads — and an Early Bird promotion for a pack of 4 luxe brush heads for HKD89 (RRP HKD299). I have yet to try the luxe one so I’m not too entirely sure about its benefits for my skin type — any insights from fellow bloggers? ❤

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