La Mer Cleansing Gel Review

La Mer Cleansing Gel

Price: HKD599 (Groupon) | HKD900 (RRP)
Volume: 200ml


Yay for Groupon! I saved 33% on this purchase and I’ve always wanted to try out La Mer’s cleansing products but daaaaaaaamn. Since its original retail price is pretty steep, I’ve been reluctant to buy a pricey gel cleanser for the sake of…washing my face in the morning LOL ❤

Weighing in at 200ml, it’s a sizeable bottle of gel cleanser that I personally would mainly use in the morning as I prefer a lightweight gel cleanser that’ll just wash the sleep off my face and prep it for the rest of my morning skincare routine, as opposed to a foaming cream cleanser that I feel would serve a better and deeper cleansing purpose as step two of my double-cleansing in the evening.

Housed in a tubular plastic bottle with a pump, the dispensing method makes it easy to gauge the amount that one needs — generally speaking, I use one pump — every time. In addition, the fact that it’s plastic makes klutzy-me very happy 🙂 However, having said that, it’s a little anti-climatic when you first bust open that box and pull out this cleanser that you just spent a little fortune on…only to discover that it’s in plastic. For me, this wasn’t a dealbreaker at all but for those of you who are fans of pretty bottles and jars, this might be a little disappointing. In addition, the sheer volume and size of this bottle makes it too cumbersome to tote along for travelling, but it’s nothing that a little decanting can’t fix ❤

Designed for oily/combination skin, I quite liked the texture and cleansing power of this product; since I have combination-dry skin, originally I was slightly worried that this cleanser would dry out my skin but so far, during this season in Hong Kong, I haven’t had this issue at all. In fact, my skin felt hydrated and..completely fine; my face didn’t feel tight or dry at all as it would normally do to varying degrees after using certain cleansers and during different seasons.

What does slightly bother me, however, is the scent. This cleanser is supposed to smell similar to the iconic Creme De La Mer cream, but I noticed that the scent is actually quite strong and it slightly lingers even after rinsing it off. Upon my first application, I couldn’t help but feel that it reminds me of an…herbally-scented shower gel. It’s inoffensive enough for me but for those who might be used to less scented products, this could definitely be a deal breaker. I’d like to note here that not only did this cleanser do its job very well for my skin type and purpose, I don’t think that the (slightly strong) fragrance dry out my skin or make it break out with itchy, irritated patches.

All in all, I’m actually quite happy with this cleanser but I don’t think I could bring myself to repurchase this product at full price; perhaps whenever Groupon has this as a promotion again, I’d definitely do it LOL ❤️


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