Benefit Erase Paste Review

Benefit Erase Pasteimage

Price: HKD240
Shade: Fair 1

Along with the Fake Up Concealer, I also bought the Erase Paste in the hopes of tackling super dark circles come the time for allergies and sleepless nights LOL

Housed in a glass jar, the Erase Paste also comes with a small spatula which I found to be quite thoughtful for beginners to carefully scoop out what is needed — and in this situation, less is definitely more. The pink paste is slightly tacky but quickly softens up when warmed up with one’s fingers before dabbing on the product. I found that with this product, it’s much easier on your undereye skin if you warm the product up with your ring fingers first before application as it helps blend out the otherwise tacky texture.

I’d like to quickly note here that the pinkness of the paste is meant to cancel out the dark, bluish area and even it out and not necessarily brighten it up per se; I would suggest perhaps swiping on a lighter coloured undereye concealer (i.e. YSL Touche Éclat) on top for a further brightening effect. As such, when I read on other blogs that this could be used on other parts of the face, I tried it out and decided that it didn’t fare as well as cream-to-powder concealers/foundation sticks (i.e. Benefit Playsticks) in terms of its staying power so I would personally relegate this for my undereye area only 🙂

In terms of application, I would suggest to work with a little bit at a time to build up your desired coverage as opposed to one thick layer as the product has quite good coverage with a small amount. Much like the Fake Up concealer, I preferred to dust on a bit of loose powder to ease off some of the tackiness and prevent it from settling into my fine lines. Having both the Fake Up Concealer and the Erase Paste, I noticed that the former is thicker in consistency and provides more coverage, whereas the latter is much more emollient and provides more of a brightening effect.

All in all, I found this concealer to be a good investment in the long run…as it literally will last for quite a while considering the small amount that I need for my eyes! ❤


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