Diorskin Star Foundation Review

Diorskin Star Foundation

Price: HKD348 (Groupon) | HKD480 (RRP)
Volume: 30ml
Shade: Ivory 010


Another great foundation find on Groupon HK where the shade is spot on for me 🙂 Continuing with my Diorskin Forever foundation, I was hooked with Dior foundations and I started to branch out and test run samples from the counters and doing swatches.

I spotted this on Groupon for approximately 33% off — random percentage, I know but it is what it is 😀 — and I clicked Buy faster than you can blink because I’d already checked out local Sasas and they were either out of the 010 or the price was actually slightly higher than Groupon’s offer.

Can you feel my excitement? 😀

As soon as I picked this up from the Groupon collection point, I couldn’t wait to try it out once I got home ❤ Housed in the iconic pump-glass bottle with a dark blue cap that has CD engraved on it, the pump made it easy to dispense the right amount of foundation for each application. In terms of the texture, I felt that this was a little thicker than the Diorskin Forever foundation and brighter when compared with their 010 and the Diorskin Star’s 010. The formula is satiny-matte that doesn’t look flat or dry on one’s skin; in fact, it smoothes over and brightens up your complexion and leaves your skin looking healthier; your bumps, spots and marks are also visibly reduced with a buildable medium coverage that still manages to keep your skin looking radiant and natural.

In terms of application, I preferred to use a foundation brush with this and smooth it out on my face; you can also use fingers or sponges to do that, but I generally find that a sponge soaks up too much of the product and you actually end up using more in an attempt to get a medium coverage. As this wore on throughout the day, I got a nice, brightened and glowy complexion and I didn’t experience any oxidization with the 010 as I felt that it blended in with my skin and my tinted loose powder helped warm it up a tinge, of which it lasted well through an 8+ hour workday without looking patchy 🙂 I was a tad glowier in my t-zone area but it was nothing that a touch of powder or a good mattifying base couldn’t take care of 🙂 I would suggest that you get colour matched directly at your local Dior counter to ensure the best shade and of course, whether your skin is happy with the foundation’s texture ❤

All in all, I’m definitely keeping this as my HG foundation, along with my budget-friendly Revlon Colorstay and all-time favourite Make Up For Ever HD one ❤

7 thoughts on “Diorskin Star Foundation Review

    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Absolutely go and get a full face swatch first — you might as well and you can give it a full run while you romp around the mall and see if your skin reacts to it in any way or if it oxidizes and changes your shade choice. I normally like doing the full-face swatch because I have sensitive skin and foundations tend to darken a smudge over time for me 🤓

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