Diorsnow BB Cream Review

Diorsnow BB Cream

Price: CAD52 (DFS)image
Volume: 30ml
Shade: 010
SPF: 50

Continuing with my relatively recent Dior purchase, I picked this baby up at the Canadian DFS on my way back to Hong Kong since I:

  1. am always game for high-SPF products
  2. loved the Dior Forever foundation and was curious as to how this one would turn out
  3. needed an excuse to try another Dior product 😀

I’ll be honest here and admit that since there were only two shades available, I just grabbed the lighter shade of the two and dashed to the cashier’s before boarding my flight with the flight attendants broadcasting the last calls 😀 There were no samples available on the shelf and I completely went with my gut feeling and combined it with my experience with the Diorskin Forever foundation and decided to get the 010 instead of the 020.

As soon as I got home completely jet-lagged and tired, I turned on my laptop and started Nordstrom-ing this product to put my anxious mind at rest; it turns out that I made the right choice in terms of shades and apparently, this BB cream:

  • is a clinically proven brightening-treatment collection that evens the complexion, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and increases radiance
  • is powered by Icelandic glacial water and Dior’s exclusive transparency-enhancing complex, and its new formulas counteract skin acidity and targets all five features of a radiant complexion (evenness, luminosity, moisture, texture and plumpness).
  • illuminates your complexion with a flawless, even radiance that is intensified day after day.

Now I was excited to sleep off my jetlag and immediately put it on to try it out 😀 However, I didn’t and I just fell asleep after reading the reviews on Nordstrom(and then some :D). After test running it for the past couple of weeks, I feel like I’m ready to talk about the BB cream 🙂

Packaged in a matte, soft-plastic pump-tube, I love how travel-friendly this product is! I feel like I just shrank my makeup bag by at least two bottles-worth of space (i.e. SPF and Foundation). The pump-tube is a great dispenser for the product as I found it quite thick with just one pump; I was able to get a very good medium coverage with just one pump of the BB cream on its own After doing that test run, I feel that half a pump of the BB cream on its own is already a great everyday coverage; if you do a full pump, I feel that it can lean towards being mask-like.

As such, I’ve also tried the following combinations with this BB cream and you can try them out too:

  1. Mixing half a pump of the BB cream with half a pump of the Diorskin Forever foundation since I found the latter a little warmer than what I would prefer and the BB cream balanced it out well
  2. Mixing a drop or two of my Estée Lauder ANR II serum with the BB cream for an extra boost of hydration for my constantly dry skin during most seasons (note: ladies who have oily skin may opt out of this method as the BB cream is actually quite good with hydration on its own, but it wasn’t quite enough for my parched complexion)
  3. Mixing a drop or two of Argan oil to the BB cream for extra moisturization during the colder months
  4. Mixing half a pump of the BB cream with a pump of a moisturizer that I have on rotation to get a tinted moisturizer with a sheer to medium coverage for the weekends or just when your skin doesn’t need that high of a coverage.

Side note: These combinations are not just made solely for the Diorsnow BB cream, but really, any foundation/bb cream that you have in your beauty bag just to test out different textures and of course, making sure that you’re getting the best mileage out of your base products during any season.

As it’s only been a couple weeks, I can’t attest to its darks spots elimination claims, but I can definitely note that not only did the BB cream even out my imperfections and my complexion looked brighter, healthier and more radiant after using this product 😀 Unlike what I did though, I would suggest doing a makeover session at the closest Dior counter and try the BB cream directly on your skin to gauge what shade would work best for you as I feel that the shades in the Diorsnow line lean more neutral/light as well as whether you actually like the texture of the BB cream itself because as noted earlier, it can feel quite thick 🙂

All in all, in addition to the high-SPF, I loved the packaging and performance of the product itself; I’m definitely keeping an eye out for this one at the DFS and Groupon because although it’s an amazing product, the price is definitely a factor to consider ❤

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