Body Creams: Superdrug Edition!

Body Creams: Superdrug Edition!


Many of us really take the time and effort to maintain our visage and décolletage with a variety of serums, creams, lotions and potions; however, I find that it’s only around the colder and drier months when one starts thinking about moisturizing that itchy patch or buffing away unsightly dry patches on our elbows and heels during the hotter months so we can happily wear our tanks, shorts and sandals. This is of course, not a sweeping statement meant for everyone — some of us out there are really quite the diligent with upkeep 🙂 — but it’s a point to make: skincare doesn’t just end with the face and neck; it should extend to the rest of your body! ❤

Having said that, a bigger area to care for means a larger quantity of product needed, which results in more money getting spent 😦 What’s a girl to do?

Personally, I’ve always felt that body creams and lotions are relatively tough for me to choose as I don’t immediately reach for the fruity, sweet ones at the drugstore as they are either offensive to my nose or I’ll break out like WHOA afterwards from all the added scents, nor do I leap at the first chance to grab a little pot (read: 50-100ml. Seriously. 😦 ) of body cream from a high-end brand that will set me back many pretty pennies (side note: what is it with brands and marking up their body lotions and creams while keeping the volume size/pot so low?! They should come proportionate to the area that it’s meant to cover LOL).

Recently, I was grocery shopping at my local Park n’ Shop and I picked up a pot of aqueous cream by Superdrug (i.e. UK-based drugstore brand) and thought I’d give it a go since I:

  1. a) have sensitive skin that’s prone to dry itchy patches;
  2. b) am sensitive to fragranced body products so a number of brands and products for body creams are automatically out of the running for me;
  3. c) am completely not game for spending buttloads of money on a body cream that doesn’t do much beyond…moisturization.

As far as aqueous creams go, most people tend to not like it as it smells pharmaceutical and sometimes its texture varies between different drugstores and thus it comes down to preference for the drugstore brand that one has tried and tested. I liked this Superdrug one; it’s creamy, smooth and easy to massage onto my skin and it absorbs fairly well without leaving a white residue. In addition, I noticed that I can really stretch out the mileage of one large 500ml pot of the aqueous cream with a supplementary oil of my choice — my favourites are almond, avocado and argan from Now Foods as of late — as I can vary the level of moisturization that my skin needed during the different seasons. I loved the aqueous cream so much I went back to Park n’ Shop to stock up and I noticed this buy-2-get-1-free promotion for Superdrug body creams; I went ahead and picked up the Vitamin E body cream and butter in addition to the aqueous cream. Staying very much in line with drugstore pricing, the Superdrug ones — even prior to promotions — are quite affordable:

Aqueous Cream
Price: HKD37
Volume: 500ml


Vitamin E All Over Body Cream
Price: HKD35
Volume 475ml


Vitamin E Body Butter
Price: HKD35
Volume: 200ml


I can safely say that I’ve found my staple body creams with Superdrug as the Vitamin E ones worked like a charm as well and I woke up with nicely moisturized, supple skin that didn’t feel all greased up because the cream just sat on my skin like other brands I’ve tried out, nor did it completely dissipate and leave my skin just as dry as it was the night before and most importantly, it didn’t break me out like nobody’s business. 😀 I will note, however, unlike the Vitamin Body Cream, the Vitamin E Body Butter does have a distinctive scent and while it didn’t bother my nose or my skin much as the scent dissipates after application, it is something to consider when getting this particular product.

All in all, Superdrug body creams are definitely on my repurchase list as they are affordable, practical and most of all, they make my skin happy ❤

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