Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover Review

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

Price: HKD65image
Volume: 145ml

As part of my February Empties post, when I took a photo of my empty bottles I couldn’t believe that I actually forgot to rave about this excellent eye makeup remover that I’ve been using exclusively for the past 4 years 😀 For a product hoarder such as myself, that’s saying quite a bit in terms of how much trust I place on its effectiveness. 😀

Hailed as Japan’s #1 Drugstore Eye Makeup Remover, this product is widely available in your local Mannings, Watsons, Sasa and Colourmix — and for those of you who aren’t in Hong Kong, venture online because it’s readily available there too! 😀 I used this eye makeup remover exclusively because it just removes all of my eye makeup — waterproof ones as well — with one swipe; well, two if you count the days when I tightline, but you get my drift.

In terms of packaging, it’s nothing to write home about: it’s a plastic bottle with a plastic screw on cap. Moving onto application, all I do is shake it up to completely mix the bi-phase solution (read: oil-suspended-in-water mix) and shake out a couple drops onto a cotton pad before pressing it onto my eyelid for about 5-10 seconds before completely wiping off my eye makeup. I am able to quickly and completely remove my eye makeup with minimal tugging and my eye contour also doesn’t end up dry, red or irritated afterwards; in fact, even though it’s a bi-phase eye makeup remover, it doesn’t leave me with an oily/blurry effect in my eyes during/post-removal.

With a product that does everything that it’s supposed to — and then some — I can’t persuade myself to switch to a pricier product that would have similar effects ❤

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