Fleurance Nature: 100% Argan Oil Review

Fleurance Nature: 100% Argan Oilimage

Price: HKD325
Volume: 50ml
Type: 100% Argan Oil

My skin has been going through a (very) dry spell as of late and it’s showing with my skin because my makeup just isn’t sitting right on my face; it looked dry, cakey and flakey even with a light layer of BB cream.

I had to get to the bottom of that situation and so I went to my trusty friend, Google, and looked up reputable skincare brands that had facial oils that would:

  1. a) sort out this situation STAT,
  2. b) work with sensitive, combination-dry skin.
  3. c) not make me break out like there’s no tomorrow.
  4. d) not contain fragrances or scented essential oils (a personal preference, and apparently, it’s not a good idea to include scented essential oils as they can overstimulate sensitive skin and make it even worse.)
  5. e) not break the bank 😀

When I got to Googling, lo and behold, I was faced with a plethora of options. A PLETHORA. I decided on using Argan Oil as I’d always been curious about it and I wanted to use something simple, pure, unrefined, cold-pressed and organic. As I went to various “organic” or “natural skincare” stores, I couldn’t help but notice the fact that not a lot of these brands carried pure oils; a number of them had the mixed oils (of which it would be priced at a whopping HKD400-500 for a small 30ml bottle), ones with fragrances or essential oils added in for a more “therapeutic” or “aromatic” experience. Personally, I preferred to get pure organic oils where I can safely use with a peace of mind knowing that nothing has been added to it and I can eliminate potential chances of irritating my skin with it.

I finally popped by my local Watsons and decided to get this 100% Argan Oil from Fleurance Nature, a French brand focused on organic, fragrance- and paraben-free skincare. I felt that in Hong Kong, this was a relatively fair price to pay for a 50ml bottle of pure Argan Oil from a company that held their products to a high standard to obtain all the right certifications for organic products. I’m noting Hong Kong in particular because certifiable organic products are hard to come by and stores that cater to that kind of products for healthy living (i.e. my one love, Whole Foods <3) are far and few in between, if any at all 😦 This definitely makes me miss home even more 😦

When it came to application, I’ve tried the following:

  1. soaked a cotton pad with my regular toner — alcohol-free in my case — and add two drops of the Argan oil onto it before swiping that all over my face and then proceeding with my skincare routine; I felt that this was a great daytime method just before my makeup to moisturize my complexion without greasing it up)
  2. once I finished swiping my face with a toner — again, alcohol-free — I added two drops of the oil into my palms and then massaged it onto my face BEFORE my serum(s)
  3. after my serum(s), I massaged in a couple drops of oil on my face BEFORE sealing all that with my regular moisturizer
  4. mixing a couple drops of the oil directly into my moisturizer before massaging it all onto my face
  5. using the oil alone as my moisturizer.

I really could do no wrong with any of the above methods with my new Argan oil addition to my skincare 🙂 What’s most important is that you use the method that your skin is comfortable with at the time and to test out what kind of oils work for your skin and what actually doesn’t 🙂 I’m curious about the idea of oil-based skincare now… ❤

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