Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equalizer (Nourishing) Review

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equalizer (Nourishing)image

Price: HKD370
Volume: 30ml
Type: Nourishing

Continuing with my purchase for the Nourishing Equalizer, I also purchased the Mattifying base to help control the shininess for my T-zone area. For combination skin, it’s tricky trying to find the right primer to set the base for your foundation — sometimes your face is just dry and you need something a little more hydrating and other times you need something to keep that shininess at bay for your T-zone. As such, it’s important to find the right combination of primers for different parts of your face.

I tend to have a relatively dry base to begin with, so for the most part, I do use different primers for different parts of my face. Continuing with my previous purchase of the Mauve Equalizer, for which I’ve started to use as a brightener for certain parts of my face (i.e. brow bone, cheekbones, etc.), I use this Nourishing Equalizer for my whole face first before applying any other primer or foundation. Perhaps it’s this winter or my skin just being disagreeable, I noticed that once I put on foundation and a touch of powder, my skin looks like the moisture has been zapped out and I’m left with a pretty dry complexion 😦

I have to note here that this really has nothing to do with dusting on a little highlighter (it makes it look even drier LOL) or even using a liquid highlighter on top of the foundation; if your skin, the fundamental base for your makeup, is looking and feeling dry and dehydrated, nothing you add on it would make it look naturally radiant and dewy; you have to solve it with your skincare products, diet and lifestyle. At this point, I made some changes to my skincare by adding a facial oil at night and stopping any potentially drying facial treatments (i.e. whitening/brightening products are usually the culprits for this kind of situation) for the time being. In terms of my makeup, I had to do something about my base/primer makeup so I decided to pop by Make Up For Ever for their Nourishing base because I had had good results with their Mauve one.

Housed in the same travel-friendly plastic squeeze tube, the primer is of a lotion-like consistency and there was no discernible fragrance; this primer is part of the base primers from the Equalizer set as they’re generally used before any of the color-correcting ones in the series. I found that although I’ve had to make some adjustments in my skin care so that my skin feels more hydrated and moisturized, this Nourishing Equalizer definitely helps me to retain my ever-disappearing moisture and it helps make my complexion look less dry after doing my makeup.

All in all, I liked this primer and I feel that I would use this primer whenever my skin feels a little more dehydrated than usual so I can retain a bit of dewiness for my relatively dry skin ❤

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