Diorskin Forever Foundation Review

Diorskin Forever Foundationimage

Price: HKD450
Volume: 30ml
Shade: 020

Yes indeed, ladies. I went ahead and got a Dior foundation because…it’s just so luxurious! ❤ I went right up to a Dior counter and found a really nice makeup artist who took off my base makeup and shade matched me to a T with both 010 and 020; the 010 is a slightly brighter shade and the 020 is an exact match when applied fresh; however, when I add contouring, bronzer and just generally going through a long work day, the foundation darkens a smidge. Just a smidge. Therefore, I would prefer the 010 next time as I can account for the smidgen of darkening and my contouring and bronzer. For now though, it’s nothing that mixing a pump of my Revlon Colorstay or Make Up For Ever foundation with the Dior one can’t fix 🙂

In terms of packaging, the foundation is housed in a classy frosted pump bottle and it has the classic CD imprint on the lid. The glass bottle is sturdy and it’s easy to see how much foundation you have left in the bottle 🙂 In terms of the foundation itself, the Diorskin Forever promises a matte finish, but that’s not what you’re going to get, unless if you have very dry skin. With sensitive, combination-dry skin, my skin looked naturally beautiful and healthy as the foundation has light to medium coverage. I used one pump for my entire face and I applied the foundation with my fingers; from the pictures, you can tell that the foundation is very fluid and easy to use. I prefer to apply it initially with my fingers first and then buffing out any potential streaks with a beauty blender. Throughout the day, I noticed that although the shade darkens a bit, the coverage and staying power is quite the amazing ❤

One aspect to note here is that it’s very important for one to use a proper makeup removal product and process with foundations that have great coverage and staying power; I’m not talking about a couple swipes with micellar water, or wipes or even just a cleansing milk. I mean the full on cleansing oil, cleansing cream — I’m a double-cleansing kind of girl 😀 — and possibly even throw in a muslin cloth or Clarisonic just to be extra thorough ❤ I noticed that even after a shower, it was easy for trace amounts of the foundation to remain on my skin; although I’ve always been a cleansing oil + cleansing cream kind of girl, any time and any day, I would be extra careful with making sure that every bit of it has been removed and I’d even go as far as to use a muslin cloth to help out 🙂

All in all, I’m pegging the Dior foundation as a luxury purchase that I would go back for once I’m out of this current bottle; in fact, this line has opened up a whole new range of luxury foundations for me and I’m very interested in trying out their Diorskin Nude, Diorskin Star and Capture Totale foundations<3

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