Kiko Shining Star Lip Lacquer Review

Kiko Shining Star Lip Lacquerimage

Price: HKD39.50 (50% off)
Shade: Cool Mauve (01)

Continuing with my Kiko Haul, this lip lacquer is my first foray into liquid lipsticks and after nervously applying it to my lips — all the while thinking if I go in with too heavy of a hand and I’ll end up looking like a clown — I took one look in the mirror and I thought, “where the hell have you been all my life?!”

Packaged in a festive red box for the Christmas promotion, I got this at 50% off 😀 Housed in a chubby little tube, it has an attached sponge applicator for application that saturates well with color. In terms of the texture, this is a hybrid formula that has the glossy consistency and finish but the color pay off is like lipstick. I love how I can just use this one product and be done with my lips; I get the colour and the gloss, all in one handy tube ❤ Although this is a fairly thick formula with a good deal of tackiness and a high shine finish,  it comfortably stayed on my lips for a solid four hours while retaining its shine quite nicely; afterwards I noticed that although the gloss wore off, the colour stayed and it looked like a nice lip tint 🙂

In terms of application, I learned that this formula is a little iffy on drier lips so make sure you either exfoliate or moisturize — or do both, you know LOL — prior to putting this on. I learned the hard way as I noticed when my lips were prepped well, application was smooth, easy to do and just beautiful as a result; but if my lips were dry, the color dragged, looked patchy, and the color creased up into my natural lip lines. In addition, these are highly pigmented so they do fall into the liquid lipstick realm but not only due to the opaque color but also because they wear so long! I didn’t notice a flavor or fragrance like Kiko’s lipsticks normally have; finally, the glosses have no shimmer and they have a creamy finish with a high lacquer-like shine.

All in all, if these lip lacquers ever came out in different shades and became a mainstay of their lip products, I’m getting my butt right over to Kiko to stock up, STAT.

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