Loose powder: translucent or tinted?

Loose powder: translucent or tinted?

One of the most common ways to set one’s slaaaaaayin’ base makeup (i.e. makeup base/primer, sunscreen, liquid/cream foundation or BB cream, concealer) and all sorts of (liquid) highlighting/contouring magic is to use a light dusting of loose powder. Dusting powder on top your base makeup helps to set it so that it won’t shift into any lines or slide off your face by midday. In addition, certain powders can also reduce the look of fine lines and pores. For the most part, I prefer to use either a translucent or a tinted loose powder to set my makeup in the morning, and I’ve been asked: what’s the difference?

My dear friends, there is quite the difference:

Translucent Powder

Usually of a cornstarch-white variety, translucent powder matches all skin tones when blended well. It’s great for mattifying shine and it doesn’t add a discernable amount of product to your skin as you touch up throughout the day. However, the key with this powder — and with makeup in general — is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. if it isn’t blended properly, you can end up with terrible flashback and odd dusty white patches on your face. I prefer to set my makeup with a translucent powder on my regular work days as I need something to kill the shine, set my makeup but not look too heavy in the event when I get a little too powder-happy in the morning. On the same note, if you wanted to go sans-foundation but mattify a bit of shine, I would use translucent powder and blend well; if you want a little bit more coverage for your bare face, I’d suggest using a tinted loose powder.



Tinted Powder

Usually of a shade that is close to your foundation shade, it can be slightly lighter or darker depending on your particular purpose (i.e. if you want to even out a base product that is a smidgen too dark or too light on you and you want to balance out the tone). Powders that match your skin tone can add a little extra coverage and help conceal any spots or scars that you may have. However, it can also look thick if you go in with a heavy hand, especially as you re-apply. Having said that, the coverage that a tinted powder has is particularly useful for when one wants to go sans-foundation as a light dusting of this will mattify shine, even out one’ skin tone and add a bit of coverage to your bare face.



6 thoughts on “Loose powder: translucent or tinted?

  1. ttypicalaveragee says:

    Definitely found this post helpful. It’s funny because I always figured there was a difference between the two, but I never really stopped to consider which one I should be using. Always forget about the white and flash photography! Hope that isn’t the case for me as I’m pale enough already! lol thanks for this ❤


    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Hello! I know about the flashback and about being pale — there’s documented evidence of it LOL

      With that being said, if you blend well and get your contouring/highlighting down, the contrast is definite there for us pale girls and the translucent/finishing powders really make it a smooth kind of difference for our complexions without adding an extra tinted layer to our base = cake face territory.

      Having said that, thank you for stopping by and powder away dear girl! ❤️

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