Kiko Temptress Lip Set Review

Kiko Temptress Lip Setimage

Price: HKD62.50 (50% off)
Set Shade: Misty Rose 01
Lip Pencil Shade: 01
Lipstick Shade: 01

Continuing with my Kiko Haul, I tried out the lip set today to balance out my smokey eye for work 🙂 I’m normally a nude/pink/natural lip + gloss kind of girl because my regular go-to look is a smokey eye and I don’t want to overdo the entire look.

I have actually never used a lipliner before — I know, I know 😀 — and I thought that this set was a great way to try out a new product type of a high quality without shelling out a lot of cash.

As a liner newbie, I quickly found out that the liner doesn’t work on pre-moisturized lips
so I first prepped my lips with some lip balm and let it sink in a little bit before lightly blotting away the excess with a piece of imagetissue. I then got to work with carefully lining my lips as per the gajillion Pinterest/blog posts on how a newbie should approach this 😀

Afterwards, I applied the nude imagelipstick and it was creamy, well-pigmented and it was a matte that didn’t leave my lips looking flat or dry; however, I personally prefer the glossy look so I applied a little of my Kiko 3D Instant Volume Lipgloss (203) in the middle of my lips just to finish off the look.I’d like to note here that the lipstick has a bit of a..lipstick-y chocolate scent to it? It smelt amazing ❤ Although the scent dissipates rather quickly after application, those of you who may or may not have an allergy to scented lipsticks or products in general should definitely bear this in mind; in fact, pop down to your nearest Kiko and do a swatch-and-sniff (on the back of your hands people! :D) with their lipsticks (in general) before settling on the formula and shade of your choice. They have a lot. Every time I’m in there, I feel like I’m a child in a candy store. 😀

In terms of lasting power, the lipstick and liner did well enough for a good 3-4 hours of me drinking coffee, talking and generally going about my day; I think the lipgloss added on top helped buffer the potential colour loss but, hey, I’m not complaining 🙂

All in all, yes, yes and yes. I’m going to Kiko’s later to see if there are any other good creamy lipsticks to add to my ever-growing collection ❤

7 thoughts on “Kiko Temptress Lip Set Review

    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Hello! Oh my goodness where do I begin:

      – 3D Lifting Foundation (medium coverage)
      – Second Skin Foundation (sheer to medium coverage)
      – Their lipsticks. All of them. LOL I love their Creamy Lipstick line 🙂
      – Radiant Fusion Baked Powder
      – Skin Tone Corrector
      – Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil
      – Eyebrow Expert Sculpting Kit

      I’m sure there are more products but these are the ones that I’ve tried and loved ❤


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