Kiko Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil Review

Kiko Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencilimage

Price: HKD55.30 (30% off)
Shade: Auburn (04)

Continuing with my Kiko haul and brow post, I also got an eyebrow pencil to go with the brow powders because I like to use a pencil to lightly fill in my brows wherever they’re sparse or,  like I noted before, when I need extra definition and need my brow game on point. In addition, I’d read around and found out from other budget savvy bloggers that the KIKO Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil is actually a good dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer; given that there was a sale going on, this was the perfect time to try something new 🙂

In terms of shades, I chose to go with the 04 instead of the 03 as it matches better for chestnutty brown hair because the 03 leaned more towards the reddish brown family. The packaging and function of this brow pencil is straightforward and easy to use; I prefer this kind of brow pencil because it’s got a slanted edge as opposed to crayon- or pencil-shaped ones as I find that the former helps define with a sharper, cleaner edge, whereas the latter has the potential to give a slightly smudgier look if you aren’t careful or if you’re into…a smudgey brow LOL

At the moment, I pop this and the Kiko Eyebrow Styling Kit into my makeup bag whenever I might need to do a brow touchup because they’re travel-friendly and they cover all of my brow bases ❤


3 thoughts on “Kiko Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil Review

    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Indeed! I’ve fallen in love with them since their first flagship store opened up in Hong Kong at Harbour City 😀 I’m looking forward to..invest more in their products aka spending money that I don’t have LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Sunshine ❤


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