Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit Review

Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit

Price: HKD108.50 (Sale Price: 30% off)
Shade: 01

Continuing with my imagerecent Kiko haul, I got this eyebrow styling kit to match my naturally taupey brows with my new newly dyed chestnut brown and toffee-highlighted hair ❤ I wanted a brow kit that match the chestnut brown without being too reddish-brown — which seems to be a tendency with local Japanese brow kits — and wouldn’t break me out or the bank 🙂

Introducing the KIKO Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit: housed in a compact, lightweight and travel-friendly matte plastic kit which contains all the products and tools that you would need to do your brows. Available in two shade options, 01 is for brunettes whereas 02 is better for blondes and redheads.

Inside the kit, there’s nicely-sized mirror, as many brow kits have tiny mirrors, as if they design the product based on the size of the…intended body area LOL 😀 In addition, there are three mini brow tools: tweezers, an angled applicator brush and a spooley. There’s a brow wax in addition to two powders in light and dark shades. I personally didn’t use the mini tools right off the bat as I like using my own brushes and such; however, I think they would be super handy to have if in the event you happened to forget those particular full-sized tools at home while on a trip; I just wouldn’t use them on a regular basis because they are…tiny 😀

In addition, I found that the colour intensity for the powders aren’t as intense as one would assume but I find that this works out well for makeup beginners like me as it actually makes it harder to overdo your brows with this little kit, and actually quite easy to create a natural brow look. In regards to the formula of both the wax and powder products, they are really easy to work with. There’s no fallout with the powders and the wax is easy to apply with ease. Once applied, my brows lasted pretty well throughout the day and I haven’t had any problems with smudging or budging as such.

All in all, this is a great starter kit for beginners like me who wants a great quality but budget option for brows. However, for those who are looking for a little more intensity, they will have to try other amazing brands out there who are known for darker colour payoff; another option is to partner the brow powders and wax with a brow pencil for extra definition ❤

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