Estée Lauder ‘Enlighten’ Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum Review

Estée Lauder ‘Enlighten’ Dark Spot Correcting Night Serumimage

Price: CAD105 | HKD766.90
Volume: 50ml

As part of my Sephora haul, I started using this serum at the beginning of January until now and I have nothing but praises on a correcting serum from one of my favorite skin care lines that:

  1. didn’t sear my sensitive skin and leave it all red/bumpy/flaky;
  2. wasn’t all about whitening/bleaching my already pale and sensitive skin;
  3. was lightly scented with white flower but luckily, it didn’t cause any adverse irritations or reactions :);
  4. actually did something about this god forsaken acne scar the size of a dime that took residence upon my cheek for about six months.

The dark scarring from this pimple was damn near impossible to cover with concealer. 😦 Trust me, my acne scar(s) needed some serious help as whitening-only products generally irritate my skin and I have yet to find a serum that includes extra skin benefits such as added antioxidants and vitamins to help scarring fade away…as opposed to bleaching the CRAP out of it. Le sigh.

Anyways, onto the line itself: available in countries outside of Hong Kong — woe is me 😦 — the Enlighten line also includes an EE Skintone Corrector Cream as well as an Even Skintone Correcting Creme; however, since I’ve never used this line before and I’m a complete serum junkie, I decided to just try out the star product with the most concentrated ingredients before I moved onto any of their other items ❤

The exfoliating aspect really did a number on my acne scars — in particular that dime-sized one on my cheek — as I saw results just after two weeks; this might be TMI but I could literally see small flecks of skin from the scar peeling off a little bit every day after I removed my makeup in the evening and in the morning after I wash my face. I would say that by now, a good 60-70% of the bruise-y dark scarring has faded and my skin overall is definitely more even-toned. I can’t say if it’s done much for my freckles as they’ve been on my cheeks forever and it’ll probably take a little longer for the serum to work its magic, but for acne scarring it absolutely has done miracles for me. ❤

Recommended to be used both day and night, I layer it with my current arsenal of facial serums — ANR II and the New Dimension Lift + Shape — for added hydration and support; I’ll note here that I personally would never say no to extra hydration for my sensitive, combination-dry skin, especially with using a product that is supposed to help lighten and resurface your skin, however, this serum is hydrating enough on its own; as such, ladies who don’t have much of a problem in the hydration department can bear this in mind and possibly hold off on loading up with their other serums.

In addition, what I like about this serum is that it’s something that you can either integrate and use as a regular (complementary) serum for a particular treatment purpose, or you can just use one bottle, see the results and then stop using it; the fact that it’s not whitening product where you’d need to consistently use it to see results, but instead it’s a dark spot corrector makes it a product flexible enough for one to use it on an as-needed basis or consistently as such for more persistence dark spots based on environmental or hereditary factors.

Final note here would be that if you choose to use this kind of serum, please please PLEASE don’t forget to use sunscreen, rain or shine!

All in all, this is definitely a must-have and re-purchase item in my arsenal of serums ❤

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