Coffee Academics Review

Coffee Academics

Location: The Coffee Academics Flagship — 38 Yiu Wa St., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(Check out their other locations here)
imageThis past Sunday, I was running a couple errands in Causeway Bay and I decided to get a bit of lunch at the flagship location of the Coffee Academics, a rather large cafe tucked away behind Times Square on Yiu Wa St. With an urban loft feel to the decor of the cafe, this is definitely one of those places where I would grab brunch and an aromatic cup of coffee with a couple girlfriends on a lazy Sunday; I lucked out though because I snagged a seat just before the crowds starting coming in and a long line formed outside the door.image

As soon as I sat down, I flipped through the menu and ordered a Crab and Avocado Salad and a Pepper Agave Latte; I decided to try something new and not go with a regular straight black cuppa joe. Aside from my meal with light and delicious, the coffee was definitely something that I went there for and I was not disappointed. The latte itself was interesting: the coffee in the latte was a full body flavour and the latte itself did not feel overly rich even for a latte; much like its name, there is an aromatic peppery aftertaste. The black pepper is apparent in the mouth afterwards but it’s not a hindrance to the coffee itself; in fact, the residual spiciness adds texture to smooth coffee with the agave lightly sweetening the deal.

What I liked about this location was the whole experience – offerings of the latest coffee techniques and flavours and the interaction with baristas; the Coffee Academics provided an outstanding coffee experience, prompt service, well-trained baristas and state-of-the-art professional brewing equipment.


All in all, I’m interested in trying out their other locations and coffee options on their menu ❤


They also have an amazing selection of desserts ❤



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