Paul & Joe Gel Foundation Review

Paul & Joe Gel Foundationimage

Price: CAD37 (Refill only) | Case (CAD18)
Shade: 10
SPF: 25

This was a surprise purchase from Shoppers Drug Mart as Mama Cappuccino noticed that my base makeup was looking a tad patchy in the drier Canadian weather — compared to Hong Kong’s humidity — and could do with trying out something new 🙂 While moseying around Shoppers’, she noticed that not only was the brand’s shade range on par with my skin tone as the line is formulated for and targets Asian skintones, the price was actually cheaper than what we would be paying for in Hong Kong. So I picked out the gel foundation as I wanted to try a formula that is different from the usual bottled liquid foundation.

Since this was my first go with this kind and brand of foundation, I just got the refill and not the cute, ornate case that can be purchased separately; in my defense, the refill casing has a screw-on lid so technically I wouldn’t be contaminating the foundation even if I didn’t use that separate case 😀 Paul & Joe’s Gel Foundation was interesting to me as although it looks like a cushion foundation, it’s not really a cushion foundation; personally, I have yet to want to try a real cushion foundation as I find it to be a potent hotbed of germs where you’re dipping your makeup sponge right back into the sponge compact where the foundation is to apply/re-apply makeup onto your face, and whatever it is that you had on your face…stays in that sponge. UGH.

Instead, this product is essentially a solid slab of foundation that is more gel-like than creamy.With a light to medium coverage, it leaves a very silky feel to the skin. Upon application, it also feels slightly cooling on the skin; being in line with Japanese branding, this foundation contains a healthy cocktail of hyaluronic and amino acids, green tea and marine collagen amongst a host of other skin-happy ingredients. I will note, however, it does contain methylparaben, fragrance and alcohol but as these are quite pretty far down the ingredients list; as such, they are in relatively small quantities.

Of the 5 shades available, I picked #10, which is the lightest shade and suitable for my MAC NC15-20 skintone. I wasn’t too impressed with the finish the first time I tried it, where I applied with a sponge over my makeup base/makeup primer, as it had a tendency to be slightly patchy. With one layer, it can decently cover skin redness and some smoothening out of the pores; in addition, I did notice that the gel formula does not seem to layer well and so it takes a bit of working around to build a higher coverage, or you’d have to go with spot-concealing.

On my combination-dry skin, I had to blot my T-zone after about three hours; in addition, I did not notice any oxidisation, irritated patches or anything of that sort. The soft matte finish feels lightweight without looking mask-like. Overall, although I wouldn’t choose to use this during my regular work day as I need something with better staying power and coverage, I would, however, use this on the weekends for casual outings and on the plane as it makes for easy, bottle- and mess-free application as it freshens up my complexion before I land at my new destination ❤

2 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Gel Foundation Review

  1. ttypicalaveragee says:

    Since I’ve never heard of this brand, or really any sort of gel foundation before, it makes me feel like a makeup novice! But I would think a gel formula wouldn’t hold up, and your review definitely agrees with that. Do you know if there are specific benefits for using a gel foundation as opposed to other formulas?


    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Hello! I feel that it gives you a good coverage without looking mask-like and the general benefits would be that based on this product’s particular ingredient list it’s quite hydrating (note: some gel foundations include alcohol for that fast-drying-cooling sensation, which is also going to be drying for our skin, but this formula doesn’t have alcohol so it’s a plus right there) for normal-combination skin; since I lean towards the drier end of combination skin, a little extra moisture before the foundation and with the foundation itself never hurt my complexion; however, I did have to blot at around the 3rd to 4th hour mark. Oily skin ladies might not appreciate this much as unless you’ve got a good primer on underneath, this would get all patchy.

      Thanks for dropping by ❤

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