Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balm Review

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balmimage

Price: HKD516.82/CAD58 (Travel Set Price) | HKD395/CAD72 (Individual)
Volume: 15ml

Continuing with my Sephora haul, I’ve given this new eye balm a good run for the past three weeks or so, in combination with my ANR II Eye Serum as well as on its own. I first wanted to try out the Eye Balm because I have dry-ass eyes and my concealer would crease and settle into the fine lines that I probably created from rubbing my eyes during allergy season 😦 So when I popped to a regular Estée Lauder counter, I noticed that their staple line, the Advanced Night Repair, is now placed together with the Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging line.

In combination with what I’d noted earlier about having to really up the ante with anti-aging for preventative purposes, what makes this anti-aging line different — for me in this case — is that any potential scent that it has quickly dissipates and its products are highly moisturizing and rich for my combination-dry skin; it does not, however, end up making my skin greasy like what many uber-rich creams do. This eye balm does not disappoint either as I’ve used this product without getting any irritations, bumps or milia whether using it on its own or with the ANR II Eye Serum.

Personally, I love layering my eye products so I found that I much more preferred the creaminess and hydration that I got from using the ANR II Eye Serum and this Eye Balm; my undereye concealer has gone on smoothly over this Eye Balm, much like how the ANR II Eye Cream worked out as well so that’s a double-win for me; I will note here that it’s working well for me during the winter, but I can see how this might be a tad bit too heavy during the warmer/more humid months here in Hong Kong, and I would probably switch it out for the ANR II Eye Cream instead.

All in all, I’m loving this new Eye balm; ladies with dry, sensitive peepers who are on the hunt for great preventative anti-aging products, try this out! ❤

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