Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging Mask Boost Review

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging Mask Boostimage

Price: HKD 610 (DFS)
Volume: 75ml

As much as I’d prefer not to think about it, anti-aging products have been on the horizon for me, whether I like it or not, and I have been slowly including prevention-based products in my skincare routine. One of my favourite activities to do in my down time is to put on a face mask, day or night, and either relax in bed and Netflix or listen to music in the evenings or re-energize myself with a good cup of coffee and be on my laptop blogging or internet-window-binge shop ❤

One of my recent forays and discoveries would be Estée Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging line, which albeit has been a longstanding staple in the North American market but has only recently made its way to Asia; I decided to try out its face mask as I’m almost at the end of the tube for my Origins Overnight Face Mask and I wanted to try something new. Marketed as a multi-action mask with IntuiGen Technology and anti-fatigue complex, the mask promises to bring out a more well-rested, hydrated and radiant complexion and reduce the look of multiple signs of aging. Formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates, the face mask is super nourishing and amazing to use when your skin is look a tad dull or when you need a pick-me-up after a long week or flight.

Avoiding the eye area, I applied the face mask generously over my freshly cleaned and exfoliated face and neck. I noticed that it does have a slight fragrance that quickly dissipates after application; as a general rule, I’m worried about floral scents and even though I’ve had issues with Estée Lauder’s Resilience Lift and Time Zone lines due to the fragrance and potency of the anti-aging ingredients, I noticed that with the Global Anti-aging line I haven’t had any issues. For me, this could be a reason how this line is paired with the Advanced Night Repair series and I’ve been able to safely use their products with my skin’s conditions consistently improving thereafter. After approximately five minutes, I gently tissued it off before following up with my usual serums and potions in my skincare routine 🙂 When I woke up the next morning, my skin was dewy, bouncy and hydrated; I noticed that with some masks my face can look a tad greasy the next morning but with this one, I just felt that skin looked…healthy. Glowy. Bright.

Sweet Jesus. Are my eyes deceiving me or does my skin actually look bouncy and happy?!

I will note here that this would be an awesome mask to pop on before putting on makeup for special days or events where you’d like your skin to look better than usual as I decided to try this out in the morning a couple days later just before putting on my makeup; I noticed that not only did my makeup sit all right throughout my work day, it was dewy without looking greasy or like I had topped up my regular moisturizer with a facial oil that didn’t quite sink in. Bearing in mind that the suggested usage is three times per week, it is easy incorporate this mask with any of your favourite masks during the week and I noticed that although this is a highly hydrating mask, I had no issues with skin irritations or breakouts as of the time I started using this mask till now.

All in all, you can bet your bottom dollar that this is on my repurchase list once I run out ❤

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