Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Concealer Review

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Concealerimage

Price: CAD29
Shade: Fair/Light
SPF: 15

Continuing with my Sephora haul, this BB Cream Concealer is an interesting product that I alternated with my other undereye concealers to see how it could help my dark circles and dry-ass eyes. God help me on days when I need coverage the most.

Marketed as a 5-in-1 product that primes, protects, conceals, hydrates and illumines, I love the fact that the product is thick enough to conceal dark circles but it doesn’t dry out instantly so you have time to blend it all in with the rest of your base makeup without it looking cakey/crepey/or some other horrible combination. Even though it notes that this is a hydrating formula, I personally prefer to prep my eyes with the ANR II Eye Serum and the ANR II Eye cream first before I go about concealing or colour correcting as with many undereye concealers that I’ve tried before in the past, if I don’t prep the area well before concealing, the concealed area can look cakey and dry fairly soon before dissipating off of my face — it might not even make it past noon 😦

In terms of application, I love how this is a twist-and-click pen that took a couple twists to get it going the first time but afterwards, two clicks dispensed enough product for both of my undereye areas; in addition the brush made application a dream as I would first swipe it on before blending it out with my ring finger. In addition, I’ve also used this concealer for redness on my forehead and it blended out quite awesomely; on the other hand, it didn’t do too well on acne scars as it wasn’t the right consistency to cling onto dark discoloured patches like that; you need a separate concealer for that. 😦

All in all, this was a good undereye concealer that blended well with my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Foundation as well as other foundations in my arsenal that were of a similar tone and it could double as a highlighter for your face when purchased in the right (lighter) shade; I love products that can multi-task ❤

5 thoughts on “Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Concealer Review

    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Hello Luiza! Although this is a hydrating undereye concealer — perhaps more hydrating than the ones I’ve tried before in the past –I would only go as far to say that if you’ve got pretty good peepers and you can normally go without eye cream to begin with, then this would probably do the trick and then some. However, people with dry eyes like myself would NEVER dream of going without it, holy grail concealer or not 😀 Thanks for dropping by ❤

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