Marcelle DD Cream Review

Marcelle DD Creamimage

Price: CAD26.99
Volume: 30ml
Shade: Light to Medium
SPF: 25

Continuing with my Marcelle haul, readers of this blog will know that I love, love, LOVE Marcelle’s skincare and cosmetics products; I first tried out their BB Creams (both the original Beauty Balm one and the 24hr Intense Moisture one) and my skin has never been happier.

This time around, I wanted to branch out and try some of their other base products, and I came across this do-it-all product that is called a DD cream. As the name suggests, this product functions as an all-in-one powerhouse that will correct and protect your skin from environmental aggressors. Infused with platinum, this DD cream comes with all the benefits that their original BB cream(s) came with plus SPF 25 and the added benefits of tightening pores and soothing and calming dry/damaged skin. In addition, this product is carries the same promises as their other base items, which is definitely music to the ears of those who have sensitive skin:

  • Hypo-allergenic    
  • Dermatologist tested
  • 100% Paraben free    
  • 100% Oil free    
  • 100% Perfume free    
  • Non-comedogenic

With this DD cream, I’ve used it on its own (sheer coverage), as a base before foundation (sheer-to-medium coverage), as well as on top of a primer/makeup base and underneath a foundation (medium to medium/full coverage). I liked the fact that this was flexible enough for me to wear out on its own with concealer(s) where I needed it, or layered with other base products for a higher coverage. On all accounts, I found that my skin looked smoother and even-toned; in addition, I noticed that the hydration was quite good for both humid and drier climates as even after a long work day, my skin looked dewy with a healthy glow as opposed to oily and gross. On another note, I personally like to dust powder on top of this regardless of whether or not it is layered with another base/foundation or used it on its own because I’m not a fan of having a semi-sticky face out and about in a city where smog and dust are rife and will cling to anything remotely moist. UGH.

Given that I’m an avid proponent of proper sun care, I like the fact that this has SPF added to it, albeit not nearly as high as I would prefer (it’s SPF50 for me people <3); this would be good for those who forget to put on a separate sunscreen and they can just use this as it’s better than a) no sunscreen and b) you get to even out your skintone to a natural finish. If you’re normally pretty good with applying sunscreen, you can choose this little powerhouse or opt for any of the following multi-taskers:

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