Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector Review

Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfectorimage

Price: CAD24.99
Volume: 30ml

Continuing with my Marcelle haul, I’ve test run this fragrance-free serum ever since I picked it up in Vancouver and I’ve used it twice a day on its own before my moisturizer as well as after my ANR II face serum. As a skin perfector, this product claims to make my skin:

  1. more hydrated
  2. glowier
  3. more even-toned
  4. brighter

In addition, this Skin Perfector is supposed to also help:

  • tighten pores
  • eliminate dark spots and scars
  • improve skin’s texture
  • reduce fine lines

Available at any drugstore that stocks Marcelle or on the company’s website directly, the packaging is your standard squeeze tube with an interesting soft red tip, which you can use to apply the product directly to your skin as opposed to just squeezing out the serum into your palms and then massaging it onto your face. I chose to incorporate this serum after my ANR II face serum as I use that as an all-round base serum before adding any other potent serum-based products; upon squeezing out a dime-sized amount of the serum and massaging it into my skin, I noticed that the texture of the product is of a thicker, white lotion variety but it doesn’t leave any oily residue behind; the Skin Perfector absorbs quickly and immediately my skin looked and felt fresher, silky smooth and well-hydrated. As such, in a drier climate, I would use this in the morning as well before my daily moisturizer and sunscreen as added hydration; whenever I used this in the morning, my makeup looked a little more luminous and dewier than usual; if you’re not a dewy-look kind of person, I would try this out at night to see whether you’d like it on your skin in the morning.

All in all, although this product is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and safe for sensitive skins, there are silicones in it, so if you’re not a fan of those then I would approach with caution. I feel that this is a great beginner serum for those with sensitive skin and would like to start including a serum into their skincare routine; I have yet to see the results with dark spots and scar elimination, but I can definitely vouch for the hydration, radiance and skin texture aspect as it’s only been a little more than a week and already my skin feels glowy and happy ❤


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