Smashbox Primer Water Review

Smashbox Primer Waterimage

Price: CAD32
Volume: 3.9oz | 115ml

As part of my Sephora haul, I got this product as a way to try out a proper setting spray by a cult brand; touted as a multi-tasking makeup spray, Smashbox notes that one can get the all-in-one effect of priming and hydrating the complexion to get an overall sheer radiance. As such, I’ve used it in the following ways to really put this product to the test:

  1. I spritz this onto my face as a (very) lightweight primer before I apply my other makeup bases as well as just foundation right afterwards;
  2. I spritz this onto my freshly made-up face as a setting spray;
  3. I decanted some of this into a smaller spray bottle — Sephora sells the travel size but I happened to just get the full-sized bottle only — and spritzed this midday to refresh my complexion

Personally, I liked the fact that this spray is free of silicones, perfumes, alcohol and oils and thus my skin was unscathed; in fact, it felt a little more hydrated than usual and my makeup did seem to last a little longer. With this in mind, I didn’t quite like it when I used it as Option A as noted above, as I actually like smoothing on a physical primer/make-up base on my face before doing my makeup; I didn’t feel that this did much for me as an under-makeup primer even though Smashbox notes that this is one of its usages. I much prefer to use Smashbox’s Photofinish Primer to prep my face first, then my regular makeup and then setting it all with this spray. That way, my makeup seriously didn’t budge and my complexion looked fresh and hydrated throughout the day ❤

All in all, this is one of those products that was nice to try out and use from a wonderful cult brand, but it’s not a must-have as you can also make do with another spray toner of your choice based on your skin’s condition.

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