Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel Review

Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel2015-12-31 21.11.11

Price: CAD12.99
Volume: 350ml

This was so soothing on my sensitive, combination-dry skin during my stay here in Canada, I’m not even joking. As a really mild and non-foaming facial cleanser, which is also gentle enough to be used on the eyes to efficiently remove makeup, this cleansing gel is enriched with aloe vera and glycerin, where the cleansing strength is strong yet it also protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

I first started with Marcelle’s BB Cream because it’s recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association, which is excellent news for people with sensitive skin concerns. This time around, Marcelle’s Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel also bears the official seal of recognition of the Canadian Dermatology Association‘s Skin Health Program; to be recognized by the CDA, products must:

  • be fragrance-free and non-comedogenic
  • tested under dermatological control
  • have a low potential for irritation
  • does not contain the most common contact allergens

In terms of usage, I tried it out in two ways where I would massage the cleanser onto my mug full of makeup and then I would either:

  1. wipe off the makeup with tissue or
  2. rinse it all away with lukewarm water

I’ll note here that you can use the cleansing gel over eyelids and lashes to remove (light) eye makeup, but I simply prefer not to because I’m used to using a separate eye makeup remover.

I love that this is super gentle on my skin, yet it still cleanses properly and thoroughly. This cleanser is suitable for any skin type, especially for sensitive and dehydrated skin. In addition, I like the fact that it has no fragrance, parabens, sulfates, oils or soap in its formula. For the price point this product is set at, the amount that you get is quite substantial and it can last for quite a while, especially if you like changing up your cleansing products every now and then based on your skin’s concerns and needs. Furthermore, having the CDA seal of approval puts me at ease knowing this product has been extensively and is safe for people with sensitive skin. Finally, I love how Marcelle has easy, no-fuss packaging; in particular, I love how the pump is one of those where you turn it to lock and unlock the pump, which makes it actually travel friendly, despite its rather cumbersome size. I’m quite happy that I was able to test run it here in Vancouver and bring it back to Hong Kong knowing that the pump is locked and I won’t have the product spilled everywhere in my suitcase.

All in all, this is definitely going to be in my shopping cart the next time I need to stock up with this cleanser either online or in stores ❤

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