Kiko Creamy Lip Gloss Review

KIKO Milano Creamy Lip Gloss2015-12-07 19.34.39

Price: HKD79
Shade: Pearly Strawberry Pink (102)

Personally, I am a big fan of chubby lip crayons because the packaging makes for easy application, and for me, that’s essential as I am not always the best when it comes to lining my lips after using a lipstick. Chubby lip crayons are moisturizing lip balms with a nice creamy tint or stain of colour; this product from Kiko certainly does not disappoint as when I first applied it to my lips, it felt soft and easy to apply because it was absolutely foolproof; all you have to do is twist the silver base to turn up more of the product and you don’t need to sharpen it at all. The overall effect was ultra-glossy because its soft gel consistency glides on your lips like a crayon, which provides a moisturizing smoothness and never-ending comfort.

I will note here though that with this crayon, I did have to reapply as I noticed that the colour did fade as I went about my day at work (i.e. talking, eating, drinking coffee, etc.); however, I noticed that this lip gloss didn’t dry out my lips, nor did the lip stain stubbornly stay on my lips even after I started wiping it off; FYI, I’m looking at you, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable 😦 ). In addition, when I first tried this lip gloss out, it reminded me of the Clinique Chubby Stick’s consistency and packaging but the price point is much lower ❤

All in all, definitely have a go with this lip gloss if you are interested in something low maintenance, easy to use and inexpensive enough to try out a variety of shades ❤   

8 thoughts on “Kiko Creamy Lip Gloss Review

  1. Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics says:

    I think nearly anything for lips by Kiko is non-drying. And that’s something you don’t get from high-quality, low-price cosmetic products. I’ve bought lots of their lipsticks because they’re JUST that GOOD and yes, I did notice that every once in a while I had to reapply to maintain the color. But hey – if Queen Elizabeth II does it, why not the rest of us? 😉

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