Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer Review

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealerimage

Price: HKD280 | CAD35
Volume: 1.5ml
Shade: 315

In my makeup arsenal, this concealer tops it in terms of the staying power, soft focus and coverage it has for my undereye area as it is comparable to the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation’s effect for the complexion. In terms of the packaging, the concealer is in a pen-like tube where I would need to turn the pen a couple of clicks to dispense the concealer into the flexible silicon tip. I normally just turn two clicks to get a bit of the product out onto my hand and then dip the silicone tip into it before application.

In terms of the coverage and lasting power, this concealer is amazing as once it sets, it wears until you take it off. In addition, I noticed that I didn’t get any creasing in my undereye area throughout the day; in fact, I could get away with not setting it with a bit of powder as I found that it stayed put quite well. I will note here that initially it can get a little annoying with twisting the pen a couple clicks to get the product out as you risk pushing out too much and then you end up just wasting it; for the amount that you get, this is definitely a pricey product so it would be highly important for you to just turn it up one click at a time and then gently squeezing the base of the silicone applicator tip to push out the concealer onto the back of your hand so you can gauge just how much more you have to twist.

All in all, I would definitely repurchase this concealer as I noticed that it can also double as a spot concealer for the odd acne scar or two I have on my face as the concealer really stays put throughout the day ❤

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