KIKO 3D Volume Lip Gloss Review

KIKO 3D Volume Lip Gloss Review

Price: HKD79
Volume: 6.6ml
Shades: Peach Rose 203 & Natural Rose 217

Continuing with my Kiko Milano haul, I bought two of these 6.5ml lip glosses in Peach Rose 203 and Natural Rose 217; I really liked these glosses: the application wand is a flexible paddle style  which moves to allow precise application.

2015-12-07 20.13.26

In terms of the lip gloss’ texture, it is almost like a gel finish which feels creamy with the normal tacky gloss feeling to it. In addition, these glosses are very shiny on the lips without having glitter in them. Over time, I noticed that the lip glosses were quite hydrating and that’s because the formula contains hyaluronic acid, which is a moisture magnet that helps to give a full plumpness to the lips. As a result, these lip glosses keep their shine well and as they wear off they simply fade away rather than stick to dry areas. I will note here that upon application, these glosses have a menthol tingle but it doesn’t feel like it’s stinging the lips; if you’re not a fan of this kind of effect, you will want to bear this in mind as the menthol feeling isn’t apparent when you’re doing a swatch on the back of your hand; it’s only when you apply the gloss to your lips that you’ll feel it.

2015-12-07 07.34.02

Overall, the colour pigment is true to how it looks in the tube and they feel very comfortable on the lips. I noticed that the plumping effect isn’t overly obvious but my lips do feel moisturised and the finish reflects the light over the lips to make them appear fuller. For the price point and array of colours that Kiko offers, this is a great product for you to test out various shades without feeling the pinch on your wallet as much as you think it would 🙂

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