Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls of Power Review

Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls of Power

Price: HKD338 (Groupon) | HKD480 (RRP)
Volume: 25g
Shade: Medium (3)

Housed in their iconic silver tin with 2015-12-19 09.26.24
embossed floral prints, the Guerlain Météorites are a luxury item that every woman should have in their makeup arsenal.

Through Groupon, I got the Medium (3) Météorites; although I’m quite fair (NC 15-20) and according to many (and I mean many) blogs and reviews out on the web, I should actually be matched with Clair (2) instead; I’ve swatched Clair (2) and Blanc de Perle (1) on my face at the counter and frankly, I prefer the Medium because it added a hint of warmth to my otherwise fair complexion that can look a little washed out and sickly without overloading on my blush. With the Clair (2) and Blanc de Perle (1), indeed my skin looked brighter but I didn’t like how the sheen made me look more pale than usual.

2015-12-19 09.25.30With the Météorites, I’ve been able to use them on their own, over my foundation + powder and over my foundation as a setting powder. Personally, I prefer to dust the Météorites over the foundation + powder combination as it settles on top of the powder as an illuminating sheen; when I dusted it as a setting powder, the illuminating sheen just melted into my combination-dry skin combination where on my T-zone area it looked shinier than usual; as such, it doesn’t do much for oil control.

I’ll note here that the warmth the Medium (3) adds is subtle and a light sheen; even with my complexion, it didn’t look like I had brown splotches or something. In fact, once you lightly dust them over your face, the shimmer that you get from the little Météorites is extremely subtle; it’s only obvious that you’ve dusted this on when the light hits your face at the right angle, thus emitting a beautiful glow 🙂

All in all, the Météorites are a beautiful luxury item that every lady should get for their makeup arsenal, as the glow is subtle but radiant at the same time; your skin looks smoother and illuminated. When all you need is a little swirl of a fluffy brush into the Météorites and onto your skin, frankly, one tin of this is going to last for a long time so I’d think of the price point as a kind of investment 🙂 However, if you’re a fan of a glow that a little more obvious, you’ll have to look into highlighter creams, sticks and lotions to help you out there ❤

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