La Mer Moisturizing Lotion Review

La Mer Moisturizing Lotionimage

Price: HKD2176.30
Volume: 50ml

Continuing with my Winter Skin Care post, this face lotion is really the crème de la crème of all the moisturizers I’ve used in my adult life; this was one of the products that Mama Cappuccino gave me because it was too rich for her amazingly normal, clear skin ❤ I’m completely okay with that because…


The original cream came in an iconic white pot where it was of a thicker consistency and it has a light but amazingly soothing floral scent. The lotion form of this legendary cream is housed in a white plastic and opaque pump bottle for an easier and more hygienic dispensing experience.

Now, there is a fairly clear set of instructions included as to how one should use the La Mer moisturizers (creams, lotions and gel-creams): in general, you first pump out or scoop out 1 to 2 pea-sized amounts of the moisturizer into the center of your palm/onto your fingertips and then gently press your palms/fingertips together to let your own heat warm up the moisturizer before you apply it to your face and neck; the level of effort required to heat up the moisturizer depends on the type of La Mer moisturizer that you ended up purchasing: the original cream required one to put a little bit more effort in rubbing their palms together for the cream to liquify and become a clear liquid before applying it to their face.

If you don’t heat up the moisturizer properly, you run the risk of it just…sitting on your skin without getting fully absorbed. As such, the lotion and the gel-cream (for the sake of the argument here) are decidedly easier to heat up and emulsify and thus massage onto one’s face as opposed to the original cream format. Although this product is raved to be an anti-aging product, I feel that although there are antioxidants in the sea kelp (the star of the show for their ingredients) as well as antioxidant properties of several of the other ingredients, a significant part of looking younger is by having healthy-looking skin that is being properly moisturized and hydrated as the increase in moisture in the skin helps minimize the the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.

All in all, La Mer is definitely worth it on the hydration, moisturization and quality front as even for my combination-dry skin it was never too greasy or just too much; I looked glowier and more radiant, especially when paired with the right serums and potions 🙂 I will note here that there are a lot of added ingredients beyond the basic moisturizer that are worth the (much) higher price tag. Lastly, if you’re into anti-aging and you’ve got the change to spare, I’d say to double up on a good anti-aging serum/routine of your choice and add a version of this moisturizer to boost the effects ❤

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