Kiko Milano 3D Lifting Foundation Review

Kiko Milano 3D Lifting Foundation Reviewimage

Price: HKD163
Volume: 30ml
SPF: 15
Shade: Light Almond 02

Continuing with my Kiko haul, I liked this foundation more than the Second Skin Foundation, mainly because of the coverage and texture, but not the shade 😦

The 3D Foundation is of a medium coverage where you can definitely build it up to a fuller coverage; the Kiko primer, one layer of the foundation plus concealer was just right for me during the work week. Like what I noted before, the Second Skin Foundation is for the good skin days, the weekends where you’re hanging out with a couple of girlfriends and you want your skin to be slightly tinted with a foundation (as opposed to a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, but that’s a whole new discussion there and for the sake of the argument here, it’s going to be a foundation 🙂 ).

imageAlthough the coverage with the Second Skin Foundation is buildable, I felt that I was…building more than what it was really intended for when I used it during the work week; I needed a longer lasting and higher coverage foundation that would last me 8+ hours without looking or going patchy. With the Second Skin Foundation, it’s not that it looked patchy; the foundation blended with my skin and its natural oils, so…it was almost too dewy, even for me. The clean, dewy foundation makeup look that I started with in the morning basically melted away and was only maintained when I did the 12pm and 3pm touch-ups, since I put on my makeup at 5.30AM.

I will note, however, that the shading for this foundation was not as close to my complexion as I thought it was (damn the dim lighting in store! **shakes fist**); this foundation might have been okay if I had just gone with my gut feeling for the Peach Pink 01 instead but again, the dim lighting plus my gut feeling were not working together that day so I ended up with something that was not the right shade, but the right texture. As such, at the end of the day, again, my face was about two shades darker than my neck. I had to hide that contrast with my scarf 😦

All in all, if this were the right shade it’s definitely a keeper ❤

2 thoughts on “Kiko Milano 3D Lifting Foundation Review

    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Hello Orla — I am not quite sure if they’d renamed the products; however, I would suggest that you sort out your undertones prior to choosing a foundation with Kiko as I find that they run warmer and/or pinker based on the shade options they have here in Hong Kong. Happy hunting!


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