Beyond Eco-Rich Nourishing Eye Cream Review

Beyond Eye Cream Eco-Rich Nourishing Eye Cream

Price: HKD200 (Sasa) | HKD250 (RRP)
Volume: 30ml

Back in October, I imageran out of eye cream (and an eye serum, which I subsequently purchased the ANR II Eye Serum during my T Galleria haul); feeling a bit of a dent in my pocket, I wanted something moisturizing, fragrance-free and it wouldn’t break the bank.

Enter Beyond, an eco-friendly, paraben- and cruelty-free company from Korea.

(Post-testing note: Since Sasa doesn’t have a whole lot of product choice for this brand, I did a bit more digging and holy goodness, they have an entire fleet of eco-friendly, paraben- and cruelty-free products ranging from skin, body and hair care as well as makeup. If this makes you happy then you really have get on their website. STAT.)

I picked up their Eco-Rich Nourishing Eye Cream at Sasa and I have been testing it ever since, both with and without the ANR II Eye Serum. The eye cream is creamy and white in colour; it absorbed quickly around my eye area and left it nicely hydrated and feeling…comfortable. No tugging or dryness afterwards like how I’ve experienced with other eye creams because frankly…they simply weren’t hydrating enough.

Now, I’ve used this on my bare faced days (at home, obviously HHAHAHAAHAHA :D) and I noticed that the hydration around my eyes felt more or less all right; it was when I used it under makeup that I noticed my undereye concealer creasing up; the cream itself wasn’t emollient enough when layered with undereye foundation and powder. At this point, I paired the eye cream up with the ANR II Eye Serum and it was a LOT better; the undereye concealer stopped creasing and stayed put.

One more aspect I’d like to point out is the packaging and sheer volume. Calling in at 30ml, this eye cream is double the volume of what eye creams normally come in, thus making it very good value for the money paid; in addition, this eye cream is housed in a glass jar, with a plastic covering in addition to a spatula to be extra hygienic! 😀 I found that I could afford to scoop up a little more to layer on at night so that when I wake up, my eyes are extra moisturized, as if I had just used an eye mask ❤ Yay for Korean packaging 🙂


I will note here that this eye cream is really only good for the moisturizing properties and the fact that it’s eco-friendly and paraben-free 😀 — if you don’t have a whole lot of specific issues that you want to target (i.e. dark circles, wrinkles, etc), this is actually pretty awesome when paired with an eye serum of your choice. However, I would look elsewhere for an eye cream that has more advanced technologies if you want something more targeted.

At the end of the day, I would repurchase this eye cream for its price, volume and overall effect on my dry-sensitive peepers ❤  

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