Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder Review

Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder Reviewimage

Price: HKD145
Shade: Sand 02
Made in Italy

Continuing with my Kiko haul, I purchased this powder in the hopes of adding a bit of luminosity to my complexion; highlighting and strobing aside, I notice that after I do the initial dust of powder on my makeup in the morning and for touch-ups in the afternoon, I notice that while yes, my face is not oily any more but it’s just so…flat. Matte. Dry-looking. Ugh. When I saw this at the Kiko counter and I took a look at its ingredients after a quick Google search on my phone (I’m nerdy like that <3) — more on that later — I popped this into my shopping bag and continued with my browsing in the store.  

When I did a swatch of the powder at the counter, it reminded me of the time when I was wandering around in Sephora and I did a swatch of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders; the texture and consistency are similar in that they are baked mineral powders that illuminate your skin without looking shimmery/glittery. After a full work day and different foundations and bases used in combination with this baked powder to ensure fair results, I noticed that this powder does slightly darken a shade; a smidgen if you will, by the end of an eight-hour work day. At the time of writing, it’s winter and I normally am all wrapped up in scarves, so the the shade difference isn’t as noticeable as when I remove my scarf (and thus bringing to mind the summer time), and to my (very picky) eye, I noticed that my face is slightly darker than my neck. 😦 I’m tempted to purchase the Ivory 01 shade as it’s one shade lighter (and actually, the lightest shade in the series) just to see if it’ll darken, so to speak, to my natural skin tone; priced at HKD145 (~USD20 | CAD25), it’s very affordable compared to many other companies that have products that present itself with similar effects but with a much higher price tag.

In terms of packaging, the magnetic closure of the case is a nice touch, if it’s your preference as opposed to other clicky-button-based ones. However, the shiny gunmetal compact itself attracts a lot of fingerprints, so if you’re the type to keep everything in your makeup bag dust and print-free, there’s a bit of upkeep here. In addition, I was a little disappointed that there was no sponge included (or a spot for a sponge to begin with for that matter) — possibly because of the lifted dome shape of the powder that rises above the casing itself, thus rendering a spot to include a sponge impossible — so if you plan on using this compact as a touch-up one, you’ll need to BYOB (i.e. bring your own brush), bring a reusable sponge that you keep wrapped up separately, or grab a bag of cheap disposable sponges for the germaphobe in you 🙂

Now, I normally don’t include an ingredients list with my product reviews because I find that a) the information is normally readily available on the company’s website or someone else will have uploaded it and b) how many of us earthlings actually understand the ramifications of every single ingredient on there, before knocking it down because “Blogger X and Blogger Y said that this ingredient is harmful…and that’s why I won’t buy the product and neither should you”? I’m no chemist, but I do believe in the Google Gods, common sense, and knowing just what does and doesn’t work with my skin. I just feel that everyone should do their due diligence and really understand what works for their skin and complexion before going crazy at the beauty counter; we’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It’s time to rise above and put our hard-earned money towards products that work for ourselves; for me, this powder is definitely one of them.

Anyways, I wanted to include the product list for this baked powder because of the following items that I noticed:


Courtesy of Kiko Milano 🙂

In addition to the mineral extracts that are there to help smooth out and add radiance to your complexion, there’s Argan Oil and Vitamin E added (i.e. Tocopheryl Acetate — thank you Google Gods :D)! I’m not sure if this is an industry standard for baked mineral powders where oils and vitamins are added to the compound, but I for one loved how my skin didn’t look…dry or flaky even when I touched up with this compact using both a brush and a sponge on separate occasions; I feel that the texture rivals that of Japanese/Korean pressed powder foundations where in addition to adding B5, they may or may not add an oil or two as a potential alternative to silicones, to keep your initial and touch-up applications silky smooth. I find that pressed powder foundations from Western cosmetics companies tend to be drier to the touch (oily skinned-ladies can rejoice! <3) and thus much more suited for those who don’t need the extra hydration or are not fond of the dewy look 😀 I think for my skin’s sake, I will keep my eyes open for pressed powder and pressed powder foundations that have these ingredients added — or I’ll just make sure that I repurchase this until Kiko (hopefully never) discontinues this product 🙂

In essence, I would encourage ladies who want the radiant and hydrating properties in their powder for a polished and dewy look, give this high-quality powder a shot — you won’t be disappointed ❤

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