Kiko Skintone Corrector Review

Kiko Skintone Corrector Review2015-12-07 07.24.54

Price: HKD110
Volume: 30ml
Shade: Peach
Made in Italy

Glowy and dewy: these are the two words that i would use to describe the effect that this primer had on my skin and makeup; I quite liked this product; I like how this gave me healthy, glowy skin.This primer’s ‘healthy skin’ effect and its peach-toned texture neutralizes visible skin discolourations and evens out the skin tone to give the skin an overall natural radiance. I would compare this favourably to the Bobbi Brown CC cream, except for the fact that it has no SPF and it is much better on my wallet 🙂

With this in mind, I tried the primer on without SPF and then a light foundation when I was just romping around at home and not actually out and about, and then with an SPF base and foundation when I was going for work; I felt that my skin was slightly shinier with the SPF added than when I went without it and that’s something one should bear in mind when deciding to powder their face or not: when in doubt, do powder when you’re using this primer with/without SPF and a foundation that is not necessarily matte or stronger in the oil control department.

Upon application, I felt that this primer was quite viscous and easily applied to my face; the texture is very much like lotion. I applied the product all over my face and I felt that it was a good basis for me to continue with the Kiko Liquid Second Skin Foundation (and any other foundation in my cabinet in this respect). Once the primer set into my skin with my foundation choice of the day, I had a lovely, glowy complexion without looking like a greaseball. At the end of the day, my makeup looked quite natural, as if it were my own skin that was glowy and happy 😀 However, I can see how ladies with skin that leans towards the oily spectrum would be slightly put off by this as it doesn’t do anything for oil control, hence the dewyness.

All in all, based on the price point and the overall effect it had on my complexion, I will definitely repurchase this product! ❤

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