Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil Review

Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oilimage

Price: HKD75 | USD9
Volume: 25ml

As part of the Winter Skin Care series, one of the skin care products that I regularly use during the colder months is a facial oil and Boots Botanics’ little gem is one of my absolute favourites 🙂 A common misconception is that you shouldn’t add oil to your skin as it makes you break out; in fact, a healthy balance of the right oils can help your skin maintain its balance and thus reduce its need to break out as a sign of rebellion. 😛

Ever since I first discovered Boots Botanics in Hong Kong a couple years ago, this facial oil has been on my repurchase list time and time again, with this one being the fifth or sixth bottle thus far. Highlighting rosehip oil and active plant extracts approved by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the facial oil is light but strong enough to lock in moisture for a solid eight hours.

Normally, after my usual toner, essence and serum stage, I add two to three drops of this facial oil into my night cream and gently mix it in before massaging the mixture onto my face and subsequently my neck. I wake up with beautifully bouncy and soft skin, with no actual signs of an oil slick on my t-zone even though I’ve got combination-dry skin. I didn’t detect any actual fragrance in the oil, nor did I break out in ugly red splotches. Sensitive skin ladies can definitely try this out 🙂

This may not be a miracle serum or anti-aging potion, but being a 100% organic facial oil with a strong pharmaceutical research team to back this up, I firmly believe that my skin is in good hands and the facial oil is already helping to slow down the skin’s aging process and bring about a healthy glow to lacklustre skin 🙂

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