Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup Powder Foundation Review

Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup Powder Foundation

Price: HKD 300 (Powder) & HKD 100 (Case)
Shade: 01

I recently ran out of my imagepressed powder foundations — for which I will forever profess my undying love for on behalf of my parched, imperfect skin — and after a series of Christmas shopping and my recent Estée Lauder splurges here and here, I’ve had to make…adjustments to my budget. 😀

Fast forward to me walking by Log-On and seeing a Clinique counter. Although I haven’t used Clinique since I was in high school, I’ve been eyeing their Repairwear Laser Focus and Even Better Dark Spot Corrector for a while now, and thus I ventured over to the nice, beckoning Sales Assistant. After a couple swatches and swipes, I walked out with a new pressed powder foundation and two sample sachets of the Even Better Dark Spot Corrector.

Note: I was good this time! I went in and came out with what I originally planned for! Beauty Anonymous ladies will understand the pain in which it was to not buy all the other pretty products on the table 😀

When I went home, I did some digging online and I noticed that the only closest product in the Even Better line is the cream-to-powder version. The pressed powder formula is nowhere to be seen — not even on the US or European sites.

I’m slightly weirded out but moving on now…

I used this powder to set my foundation in the morning as well as for touch-ups midday and after meals and such; although this pressed powder formula is already more hydrating than common products in the Western Hemisphere, it didn’t feel hydrating enough compared to Japanese- or Korean-based skincare where their pressed powder foundation formulas have B5 included as well as some other potential hydrating properties.

I must say that although my face didn’t get flaky after the touch-ups and such, I feel that it would be because of the primer, foundation and general skin care routine that I have to maintain my skin’s hydration levels; the powder itself kept my combination-dry face looking…matte, even in the T-zone area; if you are a fan of the matte look, this will not disappoint.

Here’s to hoping that the serums will be a better fit for me 🙂

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